Michael Kiernan

Spiritual Life Coach & Business Mentor.


I have being a businessman for most of my life and absolutely loved it. I've had many ups and plenty of Downs. Successes and failures and anything you can think off. I am fascinated about people and love hearing their stories about all topics. The human mind is a wonderful thing.

I have had lots of personal problems. Every life has them. Some have more that others and some dont handle them very well . I was one of those people. I've had every addiction you could name. I suffered with anxiety and depression for the majority of my life. I've seen death, destruction, Violence and all sorts of things that would make the mind wander into dark places. I have also managed to overcome all that and now live a Successful, Comfortable, Peaceful and Happy life.

My Journey

My journey started in Business from a very early age. My Mother and Father were entrepreneurs for the majority of my childhood so I grew up around business. My parents were into property and I remember spending my time cleaning and painting properties regularly. Years later,They invested in a Public House in the 80s and I spent my teenage years working behind the Bar. I went on later to manage many pubs and managed to set up businesses on my own a few times. From washing Windows to owning a laundromat to Cleaning carpets to running my own pub. There is very little I didn't try in my younger years. I was the ultimate entrepreneur in those times.

My other great interest was people and their lives. I suppose i got this from all the customers that came in to see me in the pubs that I worked in. I just loved to hear their stories and see how their lives were on a day to day basis. It was like watching coronation street or eastenders every week as I use to see the dramas play out in people's lives.

Studying Hypnosis

Over the years I noticed lots of people getting caught up in their own Drama and indeed the dramas of others. It's not easy living out there in this funny world ! It was about that time I became interested in trying to figure out how to fix things or people or myself. I noticed certain patterns to people's behaviours and why they might think and do things that way they did. I wanted to know more and studied Hypnotherapy for a couple of years till I surprised myself with a qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy .

I was fascinated with the human mind and I remember trying out certain techniques on unsuspecting Customers. I carried on like this for many years after and it wasn't till just 4 years ago that I wanted to help people full time. I had enough of working 7 days a week and wanted more out of life. I was burnt out if i'm honest I needed to help myself first as i was feeling very lost and had no idea where my live was going.

Starting over

So I decided to go on a little personal journey and signed up to become a life coach. What a wonderful experience. I learned things about myself that i hadn't realised and more importantly I learned to heal myself from a whole list of problems I had. I had never taken the time to look after myself. Always doing things for others and forgot about myself. So I went on a journey of self discovery and here i am writing this now.

I found a way to be happy. To be truly happy and leave all the crap, rubbish behind. To be able to get up in the morning and not worry or stress. To be doing the work that I love and to share my experience, knowledge with my Clients. It took me nearly 50 years to find it but better late than never so they say.

The Opportunity

So I have set up this little website to offer my clients the same opportunity that I allowed myself Just a few years ago. To go on a journey. A hero's into what it is they want to do with this life. I have two very good programs. One is a personal Journey that the Client can take to make peace with the past and whatever is annoying them or stopping them from moving forward with their life. To find out what they really want and to build steps towards that dream or goal They have. It easier that they think. All they have to do is be willing to give themselves every opportunity to be happy. We all deserve that and it is my Job to help them see that.

The Business Journey

The second program is a the Business journey, One that I have taken many times. One that I have won and lost more that a few times. I understand now what is required to be truly successful in business. The personal journey is the first and then its rolling the sleeves up and getting to work on whatever project that inspires them. There are many steps to this success and each tiny one is a step closer. I show them each one and hold them accountable as they go on this Hero's journey.

I ask for committed individuals. People that are sick of the same old and want change. People that are willing to put the effort in and enjoy the Journey. I can guarantee that it is not difficult if they follow the program. It is enjoyable , inspirational, Challenging and totally worth it. I am a testament to its success as I am living a completely different life Today. My core purpose to to help others find their Freedom and Ideal life..

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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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