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About Me

Spiritual Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

About Me

Michael Kiernan
Spiritual Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past life Therapist, Life between lives Therapist, Spirit releasement Therapist & NLP Practitioner. 


I have had a massive interest in the human mind since I was a child. I was an introvert and would spend my time observing people all the time. That interest didn’t come into fruition until just a few years ago, when I decided to ditch the business world and search for what I really wanted.

Hypnotherapy Training :

It’s not easy to Completely change a career in your late 40s but I managed to do it and here I am. My first clue came to me at the age of 30 when I studied and certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1999. I dabbled with some more studies and Certified in advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2004. I guess i wasn’t ready at that time and remained in the business world of stress and basically a chaotic life. It was much later on in life that I felt, I just couldn’t do it anymore and I wanted out.

Spiritual Life Coach Training :

In 2016 everything Changed for me. My business went wallop and I was left broke, Stressed and physically in bad shape. I had abused myself for years and it was beginning to show in my mind, body and Spirit. I had no idea what i was going to do and to be honest, I felt that I was Completely burnt out.

During that time I began to take an interest in Hypnotherapy again but I was in no shape to help anyone as I was a mess myself. I needed something to bring me back to some sort of normality and I found myself looking more inward into myself. As I looked deeper over time I started to feel a sense of relief. I sensed another part of me that I hadn’t noticed before or I had forgotten. Going for walks and being in nature on a daily basis became important to me. I started to appreciate the smaller things that I had taken for granted and found peace in that time.

I remember searching for answers about what the hell I was doing here and what was all this life about. Like, what was the point of all this. I found a website and it was teaching Spiritual Life Coaching. The thoughts of anything Spiritual was very foreign to me and I felt, I wasn’t into that type of stuff.

Awakened Academy :

The website was ” Awakened Academy ” and the guy in it seemed to be a bit too holy or spiritual for my liking. God this and Blessings that and everything was so happy all the time but something drew me to him. He spoke about finding your Dharma, the reason why we are here and what we are supposed to do with this. I was fascinated with this and wanted to find out what my dharma was. Was there a purpose to me and what was I to do with all this Dharma ?

I signed up to be trained as a Spiritual Life Coach. The thoughts of it frightened me at first but I needed to know who I was and was prepared to be guided by this man that made such an impression. I spent a year and a half studying and working on myself and it was the best experience I ever had. I qualified as a Spiritual Life Coach at the end of 2018 and found out what my dharma was. My purpose was to help others heal and help them find the best version of themselves. What a beautiful shock that was. My life had meaning and I knew exactly what I needed to do.


Further Hypnotherapy Training :

So I went on another mission after I had qualified. I needed to refresh on my Hypnotherapy training as healing was part of my dharma and having these tools would make me a better healer. A more Spiritual element was needed, I felt, to my overall Coaching and Hypnotherapy. I studied Past Life Therapy as I believed that we have had many lives and I wanted to explore that with clients that were interested. I studied Life between lives Therapy and this was a fascinating study on the spiritual realm and what happens there. Again I wanted to explore this with clients that were interested on this subject and wanted to know more. I studied Spirit releasement Therapy which is the study of spirit attachments , Negative attachments and ET attachments. Again a fascinating study but Controversial to say the least.

I wanted to provide a therapy for all types of individuals from all walks of life and interests. The sky’s the limit for therapies nowadays but this type of Coaching and these Therapies really resonated with me. I can’t wait to discover all the information each one brings to me and my clients.

So that’s it Guys . That’s a little bit about me in a nutshell. I am loving what I do. My work will be helping my clients discover who they are and what their purpose or Dharma is. To assist in the healing of each client and to discover more about these therapies with the help of my clients.

I look forward to speaking with you if any of this resonates with you. For those who are not drawn to this, I wish you a full and happy life.

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