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About Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching is simply Reconnecting to Source or Consciousness or whatever you like to call it and allowing that to guide you in your life. It's not a religion but a connection or realisation that we can make every day by simple acknowledging that we are a part of a much greater force and can be guided by that each and every day.

You don't have to become some yogi and be on your knees everyday but simply remember who you are and build a relationship with that consciousness that is deep inside of you.

We are all Energy, Consciousness, Soul, Spirit and the list are endless when it comes to understanding who and what we truly are. Every individual has their very own unique description of who they are and their place in this world. All of those descriptions are relevant as we attempt to understand our purpose here at this time.

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you find your own unique way to connecting with Universal Consciousness and find that peace and understanding you seek so you can carry on with your life the way you wish.

We will help you find your true purpose and the reason why you are here. We all have certain skills, talents and are totally unique from anyone else. There is a definite reason why you are here and how you are of benefit to others. Our overall purpose here is to use our talent, our skill, our love, our care to help others evolve into a more loving and peaceful society.

The simple truth is when we help or care for another it make us feel good as this is our true nature. The trouble is we loose much of that as we grow up and from the teachings of others which make us depressed and sad and we become out of balance to our nature.

Spiritual Life Coaching simply helps you to bring that balance back and also helps you to find all those wonderful skills, Passions, Talents so you are free to express that to others and live a more free and peaceful life.

About Michael Kiernan

Michael is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy since 1999. He is also a certified Spiritual Life Coach from Awakened Academy and set up Freedom Design in 2018.

These two qualifications combined has allowed Michael to create an unique Coaching experience for his clients. His hypnosis Training has helped him understand how the human mind works.

His Spiritual Life coaching training has helped him understand the Mind from a Spiritual perspective. Understanding both is the key to changing into a more authentic human being. 

Michael Also brings with him over 30 years experience in Business and Entrepreneurship for those who are thinking about changing careers and starting up their own business. Michael believes that to manage a successful business you must first learn how to Manage oneself.

Michael likes to refer to his coaching as practical with a little bit of Spiritual so the client feels Comfortable from the start.


We are simply Consiousness or Spiritual beings having an experience in this body and our Job here is to allow that consciousness to guild us. Our bodies are simply a tool that we use, as we experience life here.

Many of us forget who we are and are led by our minds which was always meant to take instruction from a far higher place that resides deep inside us.

Learning to listen to this and bringing the body back into balance, is the key to peace and happiness.

Michael Kiernan

Further Reading

Please feel free to have a look around the blog section of the website for some free information and tips to get you started on your own unique Journey.

A favourite one for readers is The Seven Laws of the Universe. In it you will begin to understand why I chose Life Coaching and how understanding Universal Mind is a critical part of living a life of freedom.

Freedom Design
Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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