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Working for yourself and making a Good living from what you Created has got to be one of the most satisfying things any person could feel.

It is a very frightening feeling at the beginning but those who persist with their dream, usually end up running a successful business. So what is the difference with the successful business and all the ones that fail to stand the test off time.

Well there are endless reasons but in all the unsuccessful businesses out there, the Entrepreneur was lacking In some department. Money, Unskilled in business. Unreasonable expectations, Pie in the sky Ideas, Disorganised, Family problems and so the list goes on and on. We have heard all the various stories of why something didn't work. The real truth is " Not prepared ".

My Own Business Story

I know this to be true because I failed more than once in business and it was down to not being prepared or not ready. I also know that I went down a spiral of hell as a result, which put me off ever going into business again. This was until I learned how to prepare myself first for what I was about to do and had all the right boxes ticked as I went along with my new plans.

I became a Life Coach and that was part of it. Learning how to do things correctly and from the heart and not the head, which is primarily governed by the EGO. This was a major learning for me.

I had a laundrette and washed clothes for a living in my 20s. I hated it but it paid the bills. I swept chimneys and cleaned windows later on. Hated that too but it paid the bills. I Managed pubs and loved the crack but hated the hours, but it paid the bills. I Ran my own pub and loved the crack but signed myself up for even longer hours and detested it and it didn't pay the bills.

When I really took a look at what I did in the past, I was doing things I actually hated to do and thats not what the heart wants. Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot about business and what not to do but never really experienced what it was like to be doing something I truly loved.

I loved people, sharing my knowledge, teaching people not to make the same mistakes I had made because I already knew how things would end up.  I now work at my office from home and do the hours I want to do and at the same time help other achieve more in their personal lives and business lives if they require it.

Its taken a while to achieve this. I had to realise what I was doing wrong and correct this, along with many old patterns, I had picked up in my life. I had to learn about the ego and how it can influence all our decisions and perceptions of the world. We are living in a world surrounded by influences and perceptions and its getting even more influencing with all the new media that is available now. Our ego mind is being influenced every second of every day and we don't even see it happening.

What steps do we need to take?

So what can we do about this in the business world and how do we influence ourselves to have a more independent look on the world and ourselves? Well the answer is quite simple actually. We look at stuff with the heart and not the EGO mind as its full of rubbish from the world around us.

My Business Coaching takes a deep dive into the world of the Heart and Mind. From there, we get the true answer and the right direction to go in. We all have this ability but ignore it most of the time. This should be taught in schools before the ABCs are even considered as the heart is actually our Guide here while we are alive on this planet. This all became very apparent to me after I trained and certified as a Life and Business Coach.

My motto is very simple " Do all the things you love to do and stop doing the things you don't like to do ". My teaching is as simple as that. Getting there is not so easy as  the EGO mind has other ideas about how you should live your life from all it has learned since the time you were conceived and the information that it has gathered right up, until now.

So what can I offer with My Business Coaching?

I will teach you what the Mind really is and how it can help get what you desire by using certain steps to get to where you want to go. The only thing you need is the will to learn this and implement these steps consistently until this becomes natural to your ever day life. You will learn how the Mind works with you and how to communicate with it.

Once you know this then the sky is the limit as every desire is achievable if your heart has pure intentions to each and every desire.  What I mean by that is that all your desires are sincerely coming from the heart and are something you love to do for the good of yourself and others around you. That it.

This process can be used in any Business or Lifestyle. There are no rules as to how the heart works. It works one way and for everything and that is it .

This is why I have introduced business Coaching to freedom design as the steps work on anything that is heart based or Mind based to be more accurate.

The fact that I am doing something from this same Mind based perspective and you are reading this, suggests that I am doing this work from the heart and you are reading this from the heart and that there is something that I can help you with.

Thats how the mind works and will work the same in your own business, whatever that will be. You will be doing something that you love to do and then offer that to someone who needs this service to help them achieve something new or needed.

That is the golden nugget behind any great business. The passion behind the business, The service behind that passion and the positive benefits to the people that require that service. Thats business in a nutshell but so many do not know this because there are thinking from their ego and not from their heart about their Chosen business.

Some of the topics that may come up During Coaching

  • Personal Development
  • Self Management
  • Ironing out Big Idea
  • Reality Checks
  • Intentions
  • Daily Rituals
  • Vision Boards
  • Meditation exercises
  • Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weekly / Monthly Challenges
  • The five year / 10 year plan
  • Finance
  • Marketing

There are so many more Topics that may come up during Business Coaching. The focus of my Business Coaching is to help you build a Business from the heart and also help you become the best version of yourself. My Coaching approach is fun, relaxed but thorough. No stone is left unturned.

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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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