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Change your life in 2020

Freedom Design Launched last year and is delighted to offer a 12-month coaching package for " Change your life in 2020 ".

Live Coaching is proving to be a very effective Coaching/ Mentoring support for people looking to make real changes in their lives. Life coaching is essentially having your own private coach to help you in all areas of your life.

One to One Coaching

I study your profile with various exercises and live chats and help you to begin a process of complete change. With unlimited email contact and weekly live calls, I am always at hand to guide you, help you change habits and come up with a more successful way of living.

Life coaching is not for everyone as it takes commitment and accountability. It is a very exciting and exhilarating process as you begin to see real changes happening and become empowered. You can do this from the comfort and safety of your own home. It doesn't interfere with your daily life but fits in and enhances it greatly   Life coaching is not a short process and I recommend 12 months coaching.

I have coached many Clients for 3 to 6 months and I feel it can be way too short for someone making permanent lifestyle changes. You are only scraping the surface of life in that time. For real insight and permanent change, 12 months and even more may be required.

Change your life in 2020

So if you are looking for more out of life in any area or all areas then consider investing in yourself. We invest in holidays, cars, entertainment etc but don't see the need to invest in ourselves. I can guarantee that you will be a changed person in all areas of life after just 12 months.

You will be doing things that you never thought possible. A better life, Better relationships, Better career life, more money and you will feel more content in your life. You will think differently, Feel differently and Act differently. People will see the change in you and will react differently to your new-found confidence. You will be calmer in all situations and not worry about the small things that life throws up at you. You will understand how the human mind works and make it work for you every day.

You will understand yourself fully and have all the clutter removed from your mind that has prevented you from thinking clearly in the past. Amazing things can happen in this time if you are willing to complete the 12 months and get involved in your own life. Remember it's your life so why not make the best of it in every way? You deserve it, you feel that change is needed, You want it and are willing to take this challenge and it is a challenge. It's a challenge of a lifetime. One that will change you for the rest of your life. Your life will not be the same but ten times better than you can imagine.

Take the challenge and change your life in 2020

It's what everyone wants but for most, they don't know how to have this. Life coaching will teach you and show you how to achieve anything you want in life. Changing a life is a big commitment and being consistent for 12 months takes desire. Is that you? If it is then contact me here and we can set up a live call. After a chat, we can decide then if you are ready and whether we are both a good fit to work together.

There is absolutely no obligations or hard sales during these calls.  It's just a chat to see if you are ready for coaching and if we would work well together. If it's not for you or me then no problem. If you feel a call may be too soon then you can contact me and I can send you my email to correspond from there. There is never any pressure and I would love to hear from anyone that may need to speak to me in any format they think appropriate at this early stage.

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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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