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Forgiving and Letting go is not an easy thing to do and can really disrupt life  The good thing is it doesn't have to be this way. We have being put here on this earth to have experiences and getting things wrong is part of that. If you went through life being perfect then life would be very boring indeed.

If you are feeling guilty about something then it's obvious that you are feeling bad about it. You have done something that you are not proud of. Well, welcome to the club. Every one of us and has done things that we are not proud of. Life is for experiencing and that includes things that we shouldn't do. It is in our nature to be curious and with so many temptations out there, it is bound to happen.

So how do you take care of this and remove it from your life? You have to acknowledge it and examine how it made you feel. How it made others feel and that you no longer want this in your life. If you are reading this then you are ready to release this and move on with your life.


Who are you?

Whether you believe it or not, you are a part of creation and it is a part of you. What I mean is that you are more than just a body. You are a soul or a spirit, You can call it what you like. You are a speck of creation. Otherwise, you would not exist. Everything in Creation has its purpose and you are no different. Like the Plants and Animals were created for a specific purpose so you were. You are no more important than the Grain of sand on the beach or less important than all the planets, Galaxies and Universes combined. You have incredible power within you and learning is one of them.

There is no guilt in Creation but experience. Guilt is a product of the imagination of others. It was introduced as a punishment to control the natural process of a soul's Journey. Guilt is man-made and does not exist in the Spirit world. The Spirit world only needs to know what you learned as everything is learning. If you learned something from this experience then there is no need to hold onto it any longer. Holding on is stopping you from life and preventing you from happiness. You just release it up to your creator.

Astral Travel

Let's go on a journey

Lay down on the bed and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths and relax the entire body. Now imagine yourself going on a trip. A trip to other space and beyond the stars. Take a look around at all the creation as you pass. You are a part of all this and it is a part of you. You are eternal and having experiences, just like all creation and simply evolving, just like everything else, part of the creator. The creator who has created all of this.

Now picture a bright light in the distance. A light on the edges of all this creation. You move towards it as you are drawn towards it. As you draw closer, you feel its power. It is pulsating life and love. You recognize it and know this is where you originated from. You are in the arms of the creator. See yourself right in front of his presence. It surrounds you with its love as you are part of it, a part of the creator, of God.


Let it all go

Tell him your guilt as he already knows. Talk to him about how you feel and that you are sorry. Tell him what you have learned from those experiences and that you want to release it all to him. Send them to him, All of them. Watch as he takes them and turns them to light. Watch as he turns you to light again. He fills you with his light and you are ready to go back. Listen to what he says to you. He is telling you to come back with your guilts again and again if necessary and he wants you to be free. He wants you to be happy. No matter how many times you fall he is always there to lift you back up. He is your Creator, father, friend and your everything.

You leave now knowing that you are never alone and are loved always. No matter what or whatever it is you have done, he loves you and is there to assist you. You travel back and watch all of creation as you pass. You smile as you realize where all this comes from and that God is always there and creating. He is in everything and he is in you. You come back to your bed and you open your eyes. Before you get up you thank him for taking all this away and you promise to remember him and where you came from. You are free from guilt now and if ever you slip into old habits and thinking you will just go and lay down and travel to him again. He is always there and waiting no matter what it is. You are always loved.

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