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How to change your life around in 12 Weeks

Freedom Design is offering a How to change your life around - 12 Week Program for those who want a Complete fresh Start. If you are someone who is fed up with the way your life is going then this may be for you. You can be Self-employed, Employed or unemployed, it doesn't matter where you are in your life.

So why a personal development course?

Personal Development has so many definitions and all of them relate to being happy and living a fruitful life. Many of us have never learned the tools to progress in Life. There are endless reasons, circumstances for this but all this can be unlearned. My new course targets deep-rooted issues at the beginning as I work one on one with each client. I believe this must be approached first for lasting results. This is a very progressive program and it will challenge you to be a better you. It is an opportunity to discover the real you and knowing this will point you in the right direction.

My Background

I have been where you arenow.. I spend most of my life struggling to get a handle on life. It was a life of many dramas but after learning the tools for myself, I was able to build a wonderful life for myself and I want to teach you the same.

My career has consisted of all sorts of different Jobs but mostly Management positions. I was always more comfortable there and I liked to lead and pass my information onto others. Being self-employed was also a love of mine and I had many successes but also failures. I have also been unemployed a few times and I know how difficult that can be. In total, I have spent over 35 years in and out of Business in various forms. I can safely say, I have learned the dos and the don'ts in many areas over this time.


I qualified as certified Hypnotherapist in 1999 and advanced in Clinical Hypnosis in 2002 and I have seen the deep impact, events can have in a client's life. This, in my opinion, is the main reason for so many problems a client may have.

I semi-retired out of the business world in 2016 and went training again. In 2018 I was certified as a life & Spiritual coach from the Awakened Academy which is based in the US. I did this as I always felt that my hypnotherapy training didn't quite go far enough in helping the client. I felt a more hands-on and practical approach was necessary for more permanent results.

The course

The course is in three separate segments. I have named them appropriately.

The Release  Release

In this segment, the student will have the opportunity to let out all that is bothering them. They will get a whole series of questions and will be asked to answer all of them to the best of their ability.

On receiving the answers, I will analyze the answers and have a one to one private session to discuss all of the material that was submitted. This is a very special segment as you will be releasing all your demons to someone who understands and will support you without any judgment whatsoever. Together we will work on each one that comes up and release it out where it belongs

This segment is incredibly healing for students and the first step towards a fulfilling life in every way.

The Dream    The Dream

The second stage is the Dream. This is where you get to share all the things you would love to do and together we will prepare for them. You will be shown how to plan and start implementing your dream piece by piece into reality.

You will be given simple tasks to do to strengthen your confidence and prepare you for any task in the future. I will introduce you to daily rituals which are the very first steps in getting what you want in life.

You will have two one to one private sessions with me to help you with this whole process. You will also have my private email for any further support.  This is a very exciting time as you prepare for your new you and your new life.

The Challenge    The Challenge

The segment is the final one and an important one. You will be given a challenge of your own choice.  This will be a 28 days challenge. Something you want to achieve and will be achievable in this time period.  This challenge will prepare you for future challenges in your life which are the focus of the course.

You will have two one to one private sessions with me. One before the challenge to help you set it up correctly and the second one at the end of the challenge. Email support will also be provided to students with any questions and support throughout.

Students who complete the course and successfully complete their challenge will receive a certificate of achievement and be named a "Freedom Design Warrior". I do not say this lightly as this intensive course will challenge you in every way possible. Students will have to be through the wringer but at the end, they will have freed themselves in countless ways.

One thing for sure, you will not be the Same. You will exude confidence and you now have the tools to achieve anything you decide in the future.

The Cost

A course like this guys can be priced in the thousands. You can easily search around and see for yourself.  This will be a lot of work on me personally as every student will need my full attention and I want everyone to succeed. I also want Students to afford this course and have this opportunity for change.

As it's the first time I am offering this course, I am pricing this course at 600 euros for those who want to pay in full at the beginning. For those who do not have this money available, I will accept a monthly payment of 250 euros per segment. I think this is very fair and affordable for everyone.

The course will be limited to 12 students only so early booking is advised. I would like to give my full attention to each student and any more than this number would be too much for me.

You can contact me on the contact form here.  I would like to chat with each potential student before any commitment to the course is made or paid for. I want to make sure you are ready and willing to commit to the course fully.

Wishing you a good day and many blessings.

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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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