How to Motivate yourself to Change your Life

How to Motivate yourself to Change your Life

How to Motivate yourself to Change your Life

How to Motivate yourself to Change your Life is getting harder and harder these days with so many distractions.

There is no doubt about it that people are spending more time on the couch. TV, Social media and general inactivity is a normal occurrence in the modern family today. 

It is no surprise that people become depressed and lazy with this inactive behavior. It Doesn’t have to be this way. We Don’t need to do anything drastic either but simply walk in nature is all that is required to balance all this out.

Watching social media

I remember only a few years ago, I was doing exactly the same thing and knew that I needed to do something about it. I was    overweight, Had Joint and back problems and on top of that, I developed gout. It was In my late 40s when I felt I was at a stage in my life where it was too late to do anything all these issues. I never realized that getting out just for a little walk was all that was required to get me mobile again.


Get out and start walking 

I started off with just 10 or 15 minutes walking a day. The hardest thing was being consistent but I was determined to get back to some fitness level. Today I walk for an hour without a problem and have recently moved onto running every day. 




The secret is to do a little bit every day. Even five minutes and add to it every day. You will be very surprised at the way other things improve like your mind and your happiness level . Getting out in nature is probably the most beautiful thing you can do. We were designed to walk and run and explore. To think and to be alone in nature is probably the best way to figure things out. We don’t do this enough and it is available right outside your door if you just look out.

It is never too late and whatever our problem may be, it can be fixed by simply getting out into the fresh air and being in nature. We are a part of this world and the most natural thing to do is to be in it fully and part of this world. So get up and start walking, crawling, whatever it takes and start living the way you were meant too.


Stop wasting time on TV and Social media.

We are not designed to watch TV or media. It’s full of rubbish and click bait and designed to keep us locked up inside.  Start with just 5 minutes and see how far you can get. You will be very surprised after just a few months what you are capable off. 


People walking up a mountain


So get out there and see for yourself. Take a walk on the beach , take a walk around the garden, Just be outside and see how better you will feel . When you feel better you begin to want to feel this way all the time and so the change begins. 




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