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Freedom Design have three core Services to choose from. Take a look and see which one is right for you.


I provide Life Coaching and Business Coaching Services. Life Coaching focuses more on the Mind and how it works. We then use that knowledge and implement new thought patterns into your life to create the things you want and gradually remove the things you do not want or need.

My Business Coaching are for those who are in business or those who want to start their own business. It is similar to the life coaching teaching but more business based  for the entrepreneur.

Freedom Design was set up to help people understand how the mind works and to use your mind the way it was meant and not the way the Ego has programmed to use it.  Mind Training is a fundamental first step towards a free and productive human life.

The Initial inquiry

After filling in the Contact form, I will go through the information to see how I can help the Client and I then contact the Client to organise a Free call to discuss the information that the client provided.

The Phone Call

The will be very light and just two people getting to know one another. There is no push for any coaching during the call as many who make enquiries will not be ready for coaching. My call is to determine whether the clients is ready for coaching as coaching requires full Commitment and to follow any Schedule that I Suggest. I take my coaching very seriously and do not like wasting time an energy on Clients that are 50 / 50 or wishy washy about the process. I only want to work with Clients that are all in 100%. Anything less is a waste of time for me and the client who is not fully committed. This might seem a bit harsh but over the years I have learned the hard way and seen some individuals from off without a word and after so much times has being given to them. So no push will be placed on the client for coaching. It will be down to the client to push for change and I am here to help in everyday I can.  I will be your mentor, your Guide, your accountability partner and everything that is required to Create changes within you. The client has to do the work and the Coach is there to Guide during the changes which can be fun and also chalanging at times. I am there for the good, the bad and the ugly. whatever it take I will stand by the clients as I have being through this process myself.

The Schedule

The schedule is different for everyone but I can get a good idea from the initial call and how keen the client is to get started. I will also know what way the client is thinking and how the clients Mind is operating at the time of the call. Typical Schedule is weekly Coaching and lasting anything from 3 to 12 months depending on what the client desires to happen. This also depends on the client's commitment and the client actually doing the work that is required to achieve the changes that are necessary to improve their lives.

So what does this cost?

My weekly rate for coaching is 100 euros per week. In coaching terms, this is very reasonable in comparison to other coaches. This fee includes an hour plus one to one coaching, Email access during each week. assignments, Accountability, Goal setting and learning various techniques to master your own Mind for change.

The client has the option to pay weekly, monthly or for the full term of the Coaching program. This payment option can be discussed after the client has agreed to Coaching and what package suits their budget. In all cases the client must agree to the full coaching fee and not use the weekly or monthly options as a sneak view of my coaching and later decide it's not for them for whatever EGO reason.

If clients are fully committed then this agreement will be no problem as they are genuine in their desire to change and will see that the options I offer are purely for clients that are on a budget and need these options to enter into my coaching.

What topics are explored in my coaching?

Topics are endless with Life coaching and desires are endless. I deal with what the client desires at the time of the enquiry and after the call. The most important thing  is showing the Client how the mind operates and how to use that knowledge to make those changes and receive that desire the client is looking for.

Desires are intentions somewhat. Intentions are thoughts or desires that you wish to happen in the future. Desires are heart based which is where the Mind is at it strongest. Learning how to differentiate between what our true intentions are ( Desire ) is what you will be learning during Life coaching and how to implement steps to get you to that desire. Once you learn this, you will be in a position where all your desires will seem possible and not just a pipe dream.

Typical Client's Weekly Schedule During Life Coaching And Business Coaching 

  • Initial Client Chat and Analysis of the Desire or Goal.
  • Assignments to be carried out by the client that week.
  • Accountability set up for that week.
  • Email access to me for each week.
  • End of week, One to One call for updates, Discussions and Scheduling the week ahead.
  • Setting Goals, agreed Daily Rituals and accountability for the flowing week.

This is a very basic explanation of the what's involved during Life  Coaching and Business Coaching. This is a very fun process and especially at the end of each week when the client has fulfilled all the rituals toward their desired goal. Its a cause for celebration and a step closer to achieving what the client set out to achieve. Those tiny rituals and celebrations are the energies that create the desires. With practice the client will realise that know the Mind and the steps that create the reality they desire.

Please go to the contact page and fill in that desire you want to work on first. When you learn how to do this, You will have the keys to achieving all the desires from your heart. Make Appointment

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Freedom Design
Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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