Rahima Yunus ( Qatar )

I have never met him, yet he has touched my soul, emotions, and feelings I had alienated myself with, he came along in the most beautiful way and help me understand myself better.

Michael, I cannot thank you enough for helping me and feel so blessed to have you in my life. Your coaching isn’t just words for me but it feels like a new and better way of life. I thought I had it all sorted but I was far from it. Thank you for this wonderful experience


Mixedup Radio Show ( Ireland )

Michael offers useful, practical and impartial advice with very relaxed and personal attention. Working with him over the last 3 months has provided great insights and help which has enabled me to make better decisions in life choices, which in turn has allowed me to see my path more clearly – starting me off on the right foot on my personal journey of transformation


Paddy Groenland ( Ireland )

Michael helped me align my intentions with the outside world in a practical & realistic way, with some powerful coaching and advice that still resonates. Thanks again. Recommended!


Hayley Woodgate ( Northern Ireland )

I am so blessed to have met Michael and been offered his wisdom and guidance throughout my journey, he is so knowledgeable and what makes him so unique is his empathy as he has learned much of lessons from his own experiences in life. He is going to do truly incredible work in this world and he has much to share, if you choose him as your coach I guarantee you he will not let you down, you will be held and supported all the way through. Thank you for being such a light, and an incredible coach, you have and continue to help me so much become who I am meant to be


Shane Dalton ( Ireland )

When I first met Michael I was 1 year into running my own business. He was looking to set up a website for his own entrepreneurial venture – Freedom Design. He struck me as someone who was very intuitive, a leader and passionate about his vision for becoming an online coach.

He could tell I was having some difficulties of my own with my business. After another web design meeting, he suggested I take part in one of his mentorship programs that would help me set goals and improve my work/life balance.

I think everyone needs to get this right in order to be happy. Too little or too much of either will tip the scale. What was invaluable to me was Michael’s frequent support, encouragement, and reassurance that the work I was doing was enough and that I was on the right track to achieving my goals. I needed an education of myself and my business from a neutral perspective.

Michael was quick to understand what type of person I was and what type of program I needed to get the flow back into my life.

I highly recommend Michael. He is very personable was willing to go the extra mile to help those who work with him.

Shane Dalton – Web Designer, Bundoran