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The Inner need to change and how to get there

The Inner Need to change and how to get there comes to all of us in our lifetime. It happens when things are not going so well or we are unhappy about something.  For most of us, we continue on and make the best of our situation and for some, the decision for change is a must.

So what is this change we are looking for?

There is no one living on the planet that does not seek happiness and change. We look for better relationships, Health, Wealth, Security, etc but behind all that lies the need for happiness.

There have been many books written on the ways to change. The list is endless and most of them about how to change a certain part of one's life. How to be Wealthy. How to be Healthy, How to find the perfect partner, and the list goes on. There are so many great books on every subject you could think off and so few about how to be truly happy.

So what is happiness?  Happiness

Happiness is the most misunderstood emotion in the world today. This is just my opinion as I see so many people looking in the wrong places. We are living in an extraordinary time. It is the time of information as information has never been so available to us as it is today, We have an incredible opportunity for growth and learn what it is to be happy.

People are waking up to so many things. They are beginning to ask questions about who they are. They are not taking anything for granted any longer. Religion, Governments and the elite are losing their grip of influence. We are realizing that all is not well in the world and the people who we trusted are not up to scratch. In fact, they are doing a very poor job as we wake up to this realization.

The question of " why " to everything, is a constant word in our vocabulary. As we question the " Why " to everything, We begin to question the why within ourselves. When we go deep within ourselves we begin to see that all is not well there either. We begin to see that nothing outside of ourselves will fix this. The answers are inside and have always been inside. Happiness can be found inside.

Where to look inside    Look Inside

To begin the journey inside and our way to happiness and change, we must first understand who we are. In this age of information, we have access to so much information but much of it is distracting. I remember starting on my own journey and got lost a few times with so much information. There was no subject I didn't look upon my quest for answers. Religions. God, Satan, Aliens, Demons, Illuminati, UfOs just to name a few. What I learned over the years is there is one common denominator that no can argue with. None of any of this would exist without creation.

Creation is the reason behind everything. " We were created "is the first thing, we need to establish when attempting to change. This might seem very obvious but for many of us, It is not truly understood. The next question many of us get stuck on is " Who created us ", as in the human race?. We all have our own theories about how all this happened and that's fine but I think we must go to the very beginning.

As none of us really know where that is, we can say for sure that we came from creation itself. The ingredients and time it took for this to happen are not important. What's important is we are a piece of creation and are now becoming aware of this fact. So if we are a part of Creation and creation is always creating then creation is ongoing and can never stop. This can be described as something that carries on for eternity as creation is endless in its expression.

Why are we here?  Together

So why are we here living on this planet at this time? What is all this creation about? To understand this you must first understand what creation is. Creation is expressing itself by experiencing itself through its Creations. If you can get your head around this term then you will begin to understand yourself. You are an expression of Creation and experiencing it through you. Many have tried to simplify creation by giving it a name. God, Creator, The great creator and again the list is endless as creation is endless. It doesn't matter what you call it as it all means the same.

So how does any of this relate to change and happiness?  Change and happiness

Happiness is knowing who you are and where you came from. When you know this you are coming from a completely different place.  If everyone knew that they were created by creation itself and were, in fact, eternal, life would be far different. We are immortal beings who cannot die as we are part of creation. Yes, the body dies but the essence of that creation remains and carries on creating.  We experience creation as we are Creation and are here at this moment as we are experiencing what it is to be this creative being. We are becoming aware of who we are and the world around us is also becoming aware. The reasons why there is so much sadness and destruction in this world are, we do not know who we are. We were not aware and have been experiencing life without this knowledge.

When we truly become aware that we are not going anywhere and are simply evolving over time, we are at the beginning of our decision for change. This is a very powerful realization and the start of a whole new beginning to happiness.


Intelligent consciousness expressing itself through its own Creations and experiencing those creations in all its meanings and understandings in a known Existence.

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