The Story of a Life


The story of a life are the endless lessons of love

A love that is not fully understood to us at the time we arrived

Born so innocent to a dualistic World of equal opposites

Protected by those who were chosen to enlighten us

So many influences flood our small minds as the learning begins

The realization to the delicacy of the human soul emerges as we grow

Pure in heart now tainted with the complexities or what it is to be alive here

As we merge more into this physical world we forget who we once were

Lost in the land with so many lessons and none of them known to us at that time

We trace back to better times and reminisce of past happiness

Searching for a meaning to the Story of a life

It was the endless lessons of love that you will bring with you in a life

Every one of them are known to you and remembered as nothing else matters

The Story of a life are the endless lessons of love



Copyright – Michael Kiernan

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