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What is Sleep Paralysis and How to Heal It?

This is my own analysis of what Sleep Paralysis is as I was a suffer for many years myself. Many have described it as a sleep disorder but from my experience is it much more than that.

So What is Sleep Paralysis and how to heal it?

Sleep Paralysis is a condition where you think you are awake when you are actually asleep? That's the medical View and not my own. Sleep Paralysis in my opinion is neither. It is in the middle somewhere like a hypnotic state or a deep meditative state.

Sufferers are fully conscious of what's going on but also Influenced somewhat by the Subconscious. I like to call this the Spiritual Realm where both Minds are aware of one another.

The reasons I have come to my conclusions is quite simple. I healed myself from this condition many years ago as I suspected that is was some type of a spiritual attack. Nothing else made sense to me after I had been through this ordeal. I was raised a catholic and I had pretty much turned against the church for various reasons.

It was around that time that I began to experience this phenomenon quite regularly. I Remember feeling extremely depressed and conflicted about just about everything. So obviously this had a major factor on why I was experiencing this.

There was one thing that stood out during the attacks and that was a real sense of Evil. I remember being physically attacked on one occasion by this green entity thing that you just couldn't make up.

The most terrifying thing was I could nothing about it as I was stuck to the bed. The only thing that worked for me, in the end, was to say a prayer. The " Our Father " worked every time.

How to heal it?

The key to my own healing was my curiosity into why this prayer worked. Had I convinced myself that there was some special spell that I had chanted to scare this away? Was it, what my mind needed to hear to stop all this? Was it connected to my beliefs?

All of this could be said to be true if I'm being totally honest. Maybe this is why there is so most confusion around this subject? There are no definite answers only presumptions as to what's at work here.

Later on, in life, I learned a little bit about energy and how this might play a part in occurrences such as Sleep Paralysis. I investigated all sorts of weird occurrences such as alien abductions, Possessions, Ghosts, Attachments, Magic, Witchcraft. What I found was that all of them had one common theme.

That theme was energy and how we can manipulate it with our minds and actions. We also have the law of attraction and the law of karma. There are also energy-related and affect us all.

We have the capability to create both positive and negative energy. Both energies have their own unique results. Both of them also attract to it what is put out by us. So if that is the case then if we are in a negative state of mind we attract all that is negative.

The depths of that negativity is down to us and will inevitably bring this same to us. The same for positive energy. Who knows what invisible or unseen energies are out there. Who really knows? We are all Just guessing but something is there.

My Own Conclusions.

There is no greater energy than the Love energy. It's what created everything and only when we are more aligned with it, do our lives improve. It is the essence of who we are and what everything is. My little prayer all those years ago was a reminder of who I was and where I came from.

I reached out to it in my time of need and it answered by just being present. Its presence was enough to bring me out of a place I did not want to be. The memory of that allowed me to vibrate a different energy and heal me from my own negativity.

Sometimes I would go back to the old place I once lived in and the Sleep paralysis would return. I had forgotten and needed to remind myself once again. I remind myself every day now and the Sleep paralysis I once had is gone and I know why.

Meditation for Sleep Paralysis 

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