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Freedom Design

Freedom Design launched in 2018. The name of the website reflects what I want every client I coach to strive for. No matter what your want to change in your life, I will personally help you change the way your thinking works .

The mind can be quite tricky when attempting to make permanent changes. Most of us are motivated to change but end up going back to same habits time and time again. Our egos do not want change so a little work is required to have some more control and get to where we want to go .

Al that is required is you are committed and learn to take small steps towards your goals or whatever it is you need to change. It takes a little practice and the support of the Coach .

I am a Qualified Life coach to help you change and get you to where you want to be . As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I can also help with more deeper issues that may be blocking you from achieving more. I combine both Therapies where necessary to help my clients have breakthroughs. My focus is helping as best i can with the training tools I have.

Therapy is inexpensive in comparison to most out there. It is also very hands on with lots to do on boths sides. This is not a quick fix solution but a step by step process that will permanently serve you throughout your life. I recommend at least 6 months coaching if you are looking to some major changes.

Please contact me if you want to have a chat beforehand or need to ask me anymore questions . Coaching is fun and any  information discussed will be held in the strictest confidence.

Many Thanks