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Freedom Design – Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Freedom Design, Spiritual Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy focuses on Coaching, Hypnosis, Spirituality and the Discovery of Dharma

Freedom Design is a Spiritual Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy Service Based in Donegal, Ireland. The spiritual element to my Coaching & Therapy is quite simple, We are all here for a reason. I believe once we get our heads around this and figure out what we are here for then life becomes much easier.  My Coaching is done both online and in my therapy room. Whether you want to come and see me personally or have your coaching done from home, it’s totally up to the you.

Online Coaching

Online coaching has enabled me to Coach Clients all around Ireland and in other countries. Coaching costs less online and allows the client to get on with life normally while being coached. On the other hand some client want face to face time and a more personal approach. Whatever works for you is totally fine with me .

My Life Coaching is quite practical but extremely powerful. I combine my Practical, Business, Spiritual, Psychological and hypnotherapy knowledge to guide my clients to a better understanding of themselves. Every client is different and needs a completely unique approach.

I love what I do and treat each client Uniquely individual. Whatever comes up we both work on it together. Nothing is impossible to overcome and I like nothing better but to give my clients all the tools necessary to handle any situation,

Finding your Life Purpose ( Dharma )

I believe that Personal Development & and finding your life purpose is the key to a happy and productive Life. It’s not easy to get it right and Coaching and hypnotherapy are extremely helpful to Guide and encourage a new way of living. This takes a little time , patience and some willingness to want to change. There are many little steps to take to a better life and Coaching is a very good place to start.

If you are someone who is looking for and new direction, answers, solutions and ways to find happiness then this could be for you. The process is totally enjoyable and I like to keep it as light as possible. My approach is solution based and not digging too much into past issues. Moving my client into a place of peace in the present is my first aim . After that I like to help the client create a future that is full of hope , happiness and full of all the things they wish for in this life.

Anything is possible. All you need is the tools and knowledge to get you there.

See you on the other side.