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Take a look at the Freedom Design Blogs , Updates and Coaching advice. There is a whole range of Great ideas and advice to get you started on you journey of discovery. Please leave a comment of you have any questions or enquiries afterwards.   
Life So Far Since Awakened Academy
I certified with the Awakened Academy in August of 2018 and it seems like lifetimes ago now. I had worked in the service industry all my life and wanted a complete change. Deep down in my Soul I knew that this was the right thing to do and Coaching seemed to be my calling. I […]
What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is using the services of a life Coach who can help you to set a personal Goal to finding your Life's purpose and reaching your full potential. Its like having you own personal mentor, teacher, motivator at hand every step of the way. There are a wide variety of Life Coaches in this […]
The Keys To Manifesting
The keys To Manifesting takes a look at some of the critical changes necessary to manifest your desires. It is January and many of you will be thinking of making some changes at the beginning of the year. Some of you will be making small changes and some will be making major changes that will […]
The Natural Flow to Life
There is a natural flow to life and karma is a part of that flow It is not meant to punish but keep everything balanced. It is not a Law but a process.The process is "Do No wrong". We are being tested at this time The natural flow of life has being altered The "Do […]
Thoughts on Karma
There has being many misconceptions around the meaning of Karma and I wanted to clear this up a little. Karma is not a punishment like many people think. Karma is a reminder to any particular individual that they are out of balance with nature and must come back to their natural state. In lots of […]
The Great Purge - Raise your Consciousness
We are moving into a new era and it is a good tine to raise your Consciousness. An era of change that is not what we might expect. The old stuff is purging and we are beginning to see the hidden veil Revealed to us. We have always known that something wasn't quite right. Something was missing in our […]
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Freedom Design
Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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