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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an opportunity to explore the deeper meaning to who you are and discovering where your true purpose lies within.

Whats Involved 

Life Coaching involves a whole Variety of wonderful things. I have made just a small list of topics that I bring my clients through. Every Client is Different so each Coaching Session is carefully Created for each individual client. 

How The Mind Works

Knowing how the Mind works is a Critical Part of the Spiriutal life Coaching process. 
With this knowledge a client will begin to understand whats going on within their own minds and begin a process where they can start accessing the mind to serve the client's real needs and dreams. 
The mind is more than just Brain but a much deeper mind that is connected to universal mind. This universal Mind can be reached through the heart as the heart and it is from there we can retrain our physical Mind.
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Rewiring The Mind

We all need to rewire the Mind as most of our thoughts are not our own. Most of them are picked up by someone else or an experiece we had. 
Rewiring the Mind is a process is centered around the Heart or your Natural intuition 
By doing this you can retrain the subconcious and ego to work for you instead of against you. Learn to master the Mind and everything is possible
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Forgivness is the healer of all things and without it, life would be like a roundabout of hurt. The lack of fogiveness stems from the inability to forgive oneself.
When we realise that we are eternal and are actually a pure soul experiencing life at this time with all its trials and tribulations. 
Otherwise we would not experience anything and the everything would be pointless.
Everyone is on their own unique Journey as a pure soul thats wants to experience. Nothing is meant as everything we experience is played out in a series of lessons.
Begin to love yourself everyday as a pure soul who is experiencing and as you are forgiving, bring with you the lessons , truely learnt.
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Life purpose

Every Soul has a life Purpose. Thats why there are hear at this time. 
A soul's Life Purpose can be discovered by know how the Mind works, rewiring the mind by listening to the heart and learning how to forgive by loving yourself as a pure soul.
When you do begin to do this, Your true purpose will be revealed to you as you are now speaking from the heart.
When you start speaking from the heart more and more, you will begin to realise all your talents and gifts you have and will eventually be experiencing this life the way it was meant to be experienced for you.
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Intentions / Daily Rituals

True Intentions are what you want to experience from the heart.
A heart intention is very powerful and wants to be experienced our of Love. when making an intention you much first ask the heart to see if its a true intention. 
If it is it will let you know very quickly by feeling a sense of iot being a rightful experience that would benefit you.
When the intention is decided and agreed upon then daily rituals needs to be introduced .
Daily rituals are tiny steps towards your heartfelt intention. The stepping stones to this realisation, Like one brick at a time in the building of a house. It all starts somewhere and in daily steps.
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Vision Board

The Vision Board is the Physical picture of pictures of your heartfelt intention. 
It is there to remind you on a physical leval so you are focused on the intentions and the daily rituals that will bring you there.
Fill your vision board with your hearts desires as this is who you truely are. You are the sum total of your hearts desires.
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We'd Love To Work With You.

Lets Work Together

First Step

First thing to do is to fill in the contact form or email me with your information and where you need help.

Second Step

I will read over your information and arrange a call to see if you are ready and if we are a good fit to work together.

Third Step

After we have determined that you are ready, we decide and agree on a timeframe for the coaching you need.

Final Step

Make Your first payment and begin your Coaching. We start of with seeing where you are right now and creating a complete transformation Programe .
Freedom Design
Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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