The Keys To Manifesting
The keys To Manifesting takes a look at some of the critical changes necessary to manifest your desires.

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction but very few understand the concept fully. Its not about imagining something to happen and suddenly it arriving out of thin air as so many might think.

There are a number of principles that need to be applied in order for things to change in your life. So lets look at these a little and begin to make sense of and the keys to manifesting.

A Plausible Intention

A Plausible Intention means a goal that is achievable and that comes from the heart. For example ; I want to win the lotto ! This is an unreasonable goal and is based on pot luck.

A better one would be, I would like to live in a nice house and drive and nice car or i would like a new career that pays well so i can provide for the family the way i would like.

Those goals come from intention & desire that are reasonable and achievable with some planning and work. Heart centered goals or intentions have a good chance of success with planning and discipline and finally some heartfelt action.

Speak In The Present Tense

As a Life Coach i teach clients how to speak in the present tense as they are directly speaking to the subconscious mind. This part of the mind takes everything literally as fact and doesn't deal in the past or future tense. This technique is also very good for the practice of manifesting.

When writing out your weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime intentions or goals, be sure to write them as if you already have them. For example; I am living in a beautiful house and driving my favourite car.

Make sure you describe each of your goals with as much description as possible. Eg; I live in a beautiful bungalow with a large garden, close to the beach. the rooms are decorated with the best furniture, bedrooms with en-suites etc. My car is a red Audi , BMW with tinted windows etc etc.

Describe everything and make it as real as possible. This gives your subconscious a better picture and creates feelings of excitement and motivation towards all of these goals and prepares you for the action steps required to manifest this desire.

Vision Board for Consistency

As busy humans, we have a tendency to forget our goals quite quickly. Life is full of distractions and before to long our intentions go out the window and we are back to square one. A complete vision board with all of your desires is a great way to keep those desires alive and bringing goals into existence.

Vision boards are quite easy to create. Basically there are a collage of pictures, words and mantras that relate to the goal or goals you have. A picture of the perfect house, car, job, friendship, relationship, holiday or abundance mindset etc, can be all pieced together to create a collage of the entire picture you want to create.

This collage can be put somewhere where you cant miss it. In your bedroom, bathroom, fridge, computer screen etc. It is there to remind you what your heart is telling you. It is also there so your subconscious is being constantly fed this information each day and sowing the seeds of this being a reality and you own unique perfect life.

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind. This is where all the seeds get sown by the thoughts and images you feed it so start feeding it with what you want and not what you don't want.


Lets Break Everything Down in the Keys to Manifesting

Break every goal down to tiny steps are the beginning to the Keys to Manifesting. Some goals will be larger than others and may seem overwhelming but breaking it down will make it reasonable and actually possible.

Be realistic. For example; You want earn more money to do all the things on your list and currently working in a job that will never give you this, then maybe you need to retrain or start a business to make this goal a possibility.

Another example; You want to be in a loving relationship or meet your soul mate? Maybe you need to start working on yourself with more exercise, a positive attitude, be better dressed, a welcoming home, forgiving the past or past relationships? If your goals are heart centered, you will instinctively know the steps you need to take to build towards that particular goal and begin the manifesting process.

Daily Rituals

Daily rituals are the daily steps you take towards your goals. like exercising each day or eating healthy each day. Household chores, meditation, nature walks, courses, training, reading etc. The lists are endless when it comes to daily rituals. Start with just one daily ritual that you enjoy and introduce another one when you are ready and continue introducing one at a time towards that particular goal you have.

I remember my very first one was a daily walk. Sounds boring but i lost over 20 kilos in just a few months, was much more relaxed in my mind, was fitter, looked better, was able to fit into new clothes that i never thought possible, had more energy, was happier and all because i had one daily ritual of walking every day. One small ritual can fill you with so much positive energy and change your entire life.

Be Positive

Being positive is probably one of the hardest things one can do. There is so much negative emotions inside all of us and it is very difficult to be positive all of the time. This takes practice by stopping yourself from thinking negative, critical and fearful. When feeling negative or stressed out, have a mantra like "Everything is Ok" or "I am getting better and better every day". Whether you believe this or not it does not matter.

If you say it enough times your subconscious will start absorbing these positive affirmations and will result in you feeling better over time. Be mindful of your thinking each day. If it's not in a good place then adjust that thinking with your mantra. Take a few deep breaths, say your little mantra and carry on as normal.

If you find yourself being constantly bombarded with negative thoughts then go for a long walk and ask yourself why you are thinking this way. There will be lots of answers to that question so allow whatever it is to come up and deal with it from a more loving perspective.

I remember myself being extremely negative when I first started the law of attraction process and would go for plenty of walks to let off some steam. My issue was that i was angry at the way my life had turned out and all the various reasons why that had happened. Lots of traumatic past incidences came up and each needed to be investigated and forgiven.

I can tell you there was lots of shouting and roaring on those walks but eventually i realised that i was only punishing myself for things that were long gone and that i needed to start living in the present and be grateful for still having the opportunity to change things if i wanted.

Remember the subconscious only understands the present so if you are living and thinking in the past then thats what life will present to you as you unknowingly have allowed it so. At the same time, if you are living in the future and wanting this and that, then the subconscious will continue that wanting as thats what you have asked for. I want , I want, I want is all the subconsious hears and feels and thats exactly what you are going to get and that endless want.

So feed it with the present with I am. I do, I am grateful, I am doing and I am happy doing that or I do that to reach my desired goals. By doing that you are saying to the subconscious that you are in the present and preparing for the future, no need to look any further as you know the steps required to reach your destination.

Keys To Manifesting

Be Grateful

Being grateful is also a present thought and action and only strengthens the language you are speaking to the subconscious mind. I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for the food I eat, I am grateful for the roof over my heard etc.

Very powerful affirmations that are spoken regularly, will create feeling of Joy and positive results as you are retraining your mind to think in the present that gives you what you think about, instead of giving you something you didn't realise you were manifesting unconsciously. It is good to also keep a Daily Gratitude Practice Journal or maybe attach some Key gratitude words onto your vision board so you are constantly reminded of the importance of gratitude in the manifesting process. Its totally down to each individual. 

Be Kind

This is a big one. Being kind is part of our nature but we get distracted by all sorts of negative messaging in our daily lives. We are encouraged to hate, to judge and disrespect one another. We make assumptions about others by appearance, their opinions or hearsay without realising that by doing that, we reflect that onto ourselves.

Compassion, forgiveness and respect should be taught everywhere as no one knows what life another person had and their circumstances.

We are all the same. We are human beings all having an experience and everyone is different. We have no right to judge anyone as each and everyone of us are unique are have purpose no matter what it is.

Someone who judges another has not dealt with their own issues and by continuing this behaviour will only add too and prolong an already insecurity within them.

The same with an angry man or women who assaults another in word or action actually assaults themselves and ends up sowing more seeds of self hatred. Can you see now what they are manifesting?

Everyone we meet is an opportunity for a healing within ourselves. When we see something we do not like in another, this is our opportunity to address our own issues and show compassion for it within ourselves. By practicing this, we will inspire others to do the same by our actions and who wouldn't want that in society? By practicing the action of being kind, we immediately change our vibrational frequency to a much higher level and also affect the frequency of everyone around us.

This act alone which is also a daily ritual, can have life changing effects for the better on your entire life. Are you beginning to see with just a few small changes on a daily basis, you can transform your life to a whole new level and we haven't even got to your own unique desires?

Be Prepared for Resistance

Resistance to change is quite common. We get comfortable with the ways things are and don't like rocking the boat too much. There is also that fear that too much change will impact friendships, relationships, careers and the way things were. No one likes to feel left out as we are pretty much programmed to think in a certain way.

The truth is we are all very much unique with a whole set of skills that no one else has. Discovering that requires you to take the plunge into the sometimes unknown to discover what it is you truly want. Sometimes that may include loosing people around you that may not be aligned with your new way of thinking and your new viewing of the world.

Sudden changes may spark of some criticism from well meaning loved ones and friends who think that you are going through some weird phase and away from the norm. If you are reading this then you are probably going through these changes.

You also have the Ego mind that has had its own way from birth and these new changes or perceptions are not very welcome. Thoughts like, Whats the point or things will never change or it will never happen, being some of Ego's favourite language.

You have given your ego mind a free reign up until now without any interruption and now here you are, getting all inspired and making life very difficult for the ego who had its way up until now. Will it try to resist? Yes ! Will it scream like a child who has just had their sweets taking off them? Absolutely !

To handle this we must first understand the ego. Most will go to war with their ego and think it's the enemy that needs to comply now. This is a big mistake and will only end up with any change being compromised by the Ego mind. You never force the Ego to do anything as it is your inner child also and its operates mostly on fear.

All negativity, doubt, fear, addiction, blame etc comes from the ego mind which never had the opportunity to learn from you as you had not realised that you were more than the Ego mind. That you are in fact a spiritual being that knows better and can teach the Ego mind how to perform better and with the help of Divine consciousness which is directly connected to the heart. The heart represents love, forgiveness, non judgement, compassion, empathy and free of harmful thoughts. In brief, unconditional love for all things that includes the Ego mind who didn't have any guidance up until now.    

So the best way around this is to treat EGO as if was your own child. You need to be patient, kind and make any changes fun and rewarding. Every child love rewards for a job well done so all successes no matter how small need to be celebrated and enjoyed.

By doing that you are telling your inner child that there is something to be gained by these changes and that will minimise any resistance greatly. Work as a team as ego is an essential part of you that wants to be loved, admired and a celebrated member of the team which is all you.

I remember making a huge list of changes a few years ago without really consulting the Ego part of me. I was making changes and that was that. It was going to be very hard slog with no fun but sheer work and plenty more after that on a continuing basis. Not very exciting for the ego I must say.

So I got up the very first morning and my first daily ritual was going to be a very long run on the beach everyday for the entire year. I went to put on my trainers and Click, my disc slipped and I ended up in bed for two months. I could hear my ego telling me, "you are going for a run are you"? " We will see about that ". I never had a problem before with my back. its just happened out of nowhere but i knew what had happened.

Ego was very happy with the way things were and going for a long run every day along with a million other things didnt go down too well. Like a child escaping from going to school it came up with an ingenious way to take a long sickie. Nothing else would have stopped me that day. I was so driven to do this but with a slipped disc, I couldnt even move. That was a great lesson for me and one i didn't make again.

Applying all of these steps above was part of the process of dealing with the ego but also planting the seeds to change in my subconscious mind. There is one final step however and the most important one in my opinion.


Accountability is a critical part of the of the changing process. To be accountable for any new changes, gives you a higher probability that you will carry out these tasks. For example; You decide that you will be taking a walk every day for a week, hail, rain or snow, no excuses.

Whats the chances you are going to do that? Some might say a good chance. Others might say, if the weather is too bad then, no harm skipping a day of two as I don't want to get the flu or something.

Ok the latter option is the ego talking and coming up with all sorts of scenarios so the task fails and the promise is broken. To insure this does not happen, have an action plan and find an accountability partner. It can be a friend, family member, wife , husband etc. If necessary provide action worksheets to them and write down exactly what you are going to do that day or week. This might seem extreme but you need to cover all angles and believe me this is one of them. 

Tell them that if you do not complete this task for the week that you will give them money or do a task for them for failing to do your own task. How likely are you to complete this task with this in place? Remember ego doesn't like to lose or give up something that he or she cant afford to loose.

Make the arrangement painful enough not to fail the task. Again ego loves to win as it will be thanked and complimented for completing the task. Its a task it cant afford to loose but at the same time there are plenty of rewards for a successful outcome.

To make the process even better, have a little celebration or a treat so the ego is inclined to take up another challenge for more rewards and treats in the future. If there is nothing in it for the Ego, you have a very poor chance of building a good rapport and any participation from the ego.

Make sure there is a good energy flowing between you and your ego and both are on the same page always. If you can do that along with the points i mentioned above, then manifesting will become easier and easier over time and eventually be automatic at will.

Ok Guys, I hope you enjoyed my Blog on some of the keys to Manifesting. It's quite a lot to take in so maybe reread it and start implementing. The very least you will get with this blog is a little more understanding of the process. If you are thinking about implementing my advice then start with a very small intention or desire you might have. Concentrate on nothing else only this and use my advice till you have achieved. Write to me if you like and let me know how you got on. It's dosnt matter how small the desire was or how long it took to achieve it. What matters is that you attempted it and have some feedback to share    

I have other very useful Blogs that you can take a look at to help you along with your change. If you have any questions, pleased leave a comment and i can answer you here. Thank you.

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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