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I remember the day I decided to look into becoming a Life Coach. I never quite knew what it was or what was required from me to participate. All I knew is I needed to change as my life was a complete mess. The years had passed very quickly and more and more regrets were settling into my mind.

I was 48 by this time and had nothing to my name in the lines of security and I was very frightened about my future. I never really thought about the future much and just went along with the flow. Well, that flow carried on until the flow ran out and me along with it.

My relationship ended with my wife after many years of pretending to be happy and this left me very vulnerable and quite isolated. I missed my children in those times but I had no choice but to continue on as best I could.

To cut a long story short, my life after this was a complete mess and full of drama. Struggle, Struggle, Struggle was the main theme of it all and it all came to a head just a few years ago.

It's amazing how you get caught up in the drama of life and all of a sudden you are going into old age with the snap of a finger. That's how it felt for me. Now I could have just given up and said to hell with it all and continued on as I was but deep down I knew I was in serious trouble.

My life had no purpose and I realised that it had never really been. As I went back into the past, I cringed at what I had done and regretted what I had not done. This is the way I was at that time and it was a horrendous feeling I never want to feel again.

At the beginning, I kept going back to the same old habits time and time again but my tutors kept encouraging me to keep going and start again. I couldn't believe how many bad habits I actually had. I realised that if I was to change my circumstances then I would have to completely change everything and start all over again.

Trying to do that at my age was a huge task but I didn't want to go back to the old me. It was a sad broken place that had no joy only regret and bitterness about life.

I remember starting with my surroundings. The actual house I was living in. It was a mess and unkempt. I cleaned, painted and decorated one room at a time. I allowed nothing more in my mind but the thought of a clean and tidy house. As I finished one room I would think of the next one and so this went on for a couple of months till I was happy with the results.

The effects were quite astonishing. I began to enjoy my surroundings. I slept better each night and everything was in its place when I awoke. I had accomplished something and made it my own little paradise. I never realised how important the home is and how it affects us in our daily lives.

I can safely say that it represents us in every way. If you take a good look around your house you will have a fair idea where you are in your head very quickly. This has being my yardstick today. If the house is good then I am good.

So having built the positive headspace for myself, I continued out into the Garden and pulled weeds that had being there for years. I trimmed trees bushes and kept the grass cut every week. I remember coming back in the car soon after and driving into my driveway and just admiring how beautiful everything was.

As I entered my house the same feeling came over me and I knew that I had done something really special. I was actually happy and proud at what I had done. I felt energised deep inside and really started to understand the power of doing one thing at a time. That there is no need for rush and time limits.

Just do what you can do that day and then enjoy the result. A few months later and I realised that I had created small miracles. My life had changed and just by doing some very simple things and then enjoying the result .

I knew that I had much more to do but I would use this simple formula to do everything one thing at a time till I reached my goal. It was an enjoyable process and my head wasn't wrecked thinking about doing everything quickly .

I decided to start walking.This Might sound boring but for me it was a life saver. I started off with 30 minutes a day and found myself losing about 10 kilos after just a few months. I went from obese to overweight is that time and I was delighted. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle with my knees and back and the odd attack of gout but I kept it up.

Today I have no problem with my knees. I still have a bit of sciatica but its improved by about 80% from where I was. I haven't had gout for nearly 3 years now and this is down to a herb i've found quite by accident. As I was trying to heal my bowel, I heard that turmeric was very good for stomach and bowel .

It worked very well and my bowel problem disappeared along with my gout . A very inexpensive herb that has changed my life and I recommend it to anyone that has either Digestive problems or gout or both . It works very well ..

I have taken up running recently and am running 5 to 6 km on a regular basis. My weight has normalised this year and I feel great. I look different , feel different and am very happy. I made some very simple changes and one step at a time. I qualified as a life coach in 2018 and am already planning to design a program for people to make those simple changes and changes their lives for the better .

I want to write a book and will do in my own time and when I have done these other things first . I am in no rush .

I have to say if it wasn't for my tutors, I would have struggled. I have had many relapses during my training and needed them close by for support. I've had many issues that I wasn't aware of while going on this journey.

I've had to deal with depression, anger, addictions, the works and having someone there to listen to me and help has been the difference. We all have our own unique set of circumstance and making peace with them is so important. Sharing my own with my tutors lifted me out of so many difficulties and I am deeply grateful to them.

I've always felted loved by them which was sometimes missing in my life over the years. A little bit of encouragement and an ear to listen to me was all that was required. I received all of that and I would like to give the same to anybody that comes to me.

A bit of love and understanding along with the tools to succeed is what I have to offer. I can't wait to share all I have experienced and pass all of this onto each and every one of you...


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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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