Forgiving Past Mistakes

Forgiving Past Mistakes can be quite a challenging process. There are so many negative emotions and feelings associated with even a minor mistake.

None of us like making a mistake or bad choice as there are so many negative feelings around each. The feeling of remorse, being a bad person, deep regret and mental stress are just some of the thoughts and emotions that can occur. 

From a spiritual perspective we are here to have experiences and getting things wrong or making mistakes are part of that process. If we went through life being perfect then life would be very boring indeed. But we still have to be aware of our daily choices from a moral perspective so we don't go down the road of making more or more serious mistakes.

It is actually healthy to have these negative emotions and feelings of something you did, did not feel right about in the past. You feel instinctively bad about something that occurred and do not want to feel that any longer. Many of us try to forget and push it aside but we all know that there are so many triggers that bring it back up all over again. This happens as you have not dealt with this mistake or maybe the mistake or another that has caused you harm to your mental and physical health.

There is a word that is not very popular to those who cannot move on from past mistakes. That word is forgiveness which can be very hard to do in many instances. It is a natural emotion to have as when someone has done wrong including ourselves, Guilt, shame, Intense stress can block the forgiveness process from happening.

Some will seek the help of a Mental Health Professional, Clinical Psychologist, Family therapist and the list goes on but for so many, they prefer to deal with this on their own which is fine.

The problem for most is they simply do not know how to make peace with it and just carry on with a mistake or mistakes that was made and holding on to all the unnecessary feelings of guilt and negative emotions attached to each and everyone of this choices from the past.

So i have a process for you to follow. Its something you can practice every day. You will feel better by just being aware of it and its will certainly reduce the effects of anxiety you maybe experiencing.

Forgiving Past Mistakes

The Self forgiveness Process

The self forgiveness process is a simple process to remember as you go about your day to day life. Its is revolved around a universal Law " To Do No Harm". This law has being created for us as a guild to how we are to experience life here. The first rule is to do no harm to ourselves as in doing so we prevent ourselves from experiencing life the way it was meant for us.

The law knows that life here can be difficult and we will make mistakes as we have so many distractions and many other people around us doing harm to themselves and others. Karma and the law of attraction is contained in the law of to do no harm. Karma teaches us or attempts to nudge us in the right direction with lessons from the mistakes we make. Those lessons are not meant to harm but steer us in the right direction.

The law of attraction is the other Law that can award us or activate the law of Karma for our own benefit. The sum of all three of these laws are to benefit creation and all who experience it.

These laws require you to be more mindful of to do no harm, as in doing no harm, you are in balance with the universe and creation itself. To do no harm is preserving creation and all who dwell in it.

Be conscious about your thoughts. See the harm in them, if any, as your thoughts are like little creations. Each one of them, if allowed and acted on, create an energy that is brought forward into the creative process. That energy will trigger either Karma or gifts from the law of attraction so balance is always kept within each individual or creative entity.

Mistakes will be made in this life as this is your experience at this time. It's not personal but what you have chosen to do. You also have the choice to attempt to think in a manner to do no harm in your thought and actions.

The thoughts and actions of others do not concern you as they too have the same Laws that apply to them with either lessons or awards, depending on their thinkings and actions. Nobody escapes this so allow yourself to get on with what you want to experience and allow others to get on with their own experiences.

Allow Karma to deal with any inconveniences that you may have had with others as they will have to have lessons related to that. The more " Doing Harm " the more lessons that will occur. The more Doing No harm the more awards from the law of attraction. It's totally your conscious choice each day and every day.

If you are holding onto resentment, Anger , Guilt , Hurt, and all the things that are doing you harm then karma will be activated to provide you with lessons or how not to do harm to yourself. This comes in many forms and depending on the way you think and act. Recurring events for example like ground hog day scenarios or repeated events that alway lead to the same conclusions.

Watch out for those as Karma is telling you that you are going in circles and arriving back to the same point. You are not moving on because you have not learned that particular lesson of doing harm to yourself or perhaps another.

Forgiving Past mistakes

Practice each and every day with your thoughts and actions. If there is harm in them then readjust your thinking and future actions. We all make mistakes and some more than others. All mistakes without exception are the effects of your thinking and acting them out.

Thoughts and Actions of doing harm only harms oneself. To heal this, you simple readjust your thinking, knowing that the three laws have you covered and everyone else who has done you harm. Release those from the past as they have to deal with their own Karma lessons. Part of forgiveness is knowing that there is no escape from these laws including ourselves.

Healing comes acknowledging this and simply adjusting to less harmful thinking and acting over time and seeing the results for yourself. Once you begin to practice that, there is no turning back as you now know what you need to do and live a more Authentic Life.  

While practicing the Law to do no harm you will fail many times and make many more mistakes. This will be your opportunity to practice the forgiving of yourself for each one of those mistakes as it is not easy to think so clearly in this world with all its distractions.

The more you practice this law the more you will forgive and the more compassion you will have for yourself and others. You realise that being mindful of this law is the way forward and the practicing of it will bear many gifts to those who are willing to try. You don't have to perfect but willing to try and commit.

This knowledge alone will change you and your thinking as every thought after this will not be the same as you know what activates what in your life. You will be more careful, mindful and will automatically adjust your thinking without the harm.Your actions will begin to change in everything you do as the actions are the physical actions are a direct result of thoughts that you allow to be expressed in this world.

Can you see all the correlations? Soul ( Love Energy that can do no wrong )? Mind ( The receiver of that soul energy and the choice or free will on how to use it )? Body ( The physical entity that expresses every thought and the results of that )? Law to do no harm ( A requirement from the soul so life can be lived, experienced to the full and the two backup plans of Karma & the law of attraction to steer the experiencer in the right direction )?

Are you seeing it, feeling it, resonating with it, discovering it for the first time, excited about it, relieved about it, hopeful about it, motivated about it, energised by it, amazed by it, happy about it and ready to begin a brand new story?

It's all there and all you have to do is just be mindful of it all and live.

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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