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The benefits of life Coaching and what's involved is quite simple but can be life-changing. A willingness to change along with a good Life coach are the two keys to its success.

Many people have no idea what life coaching is all about and I have decided to explain it a little. Life coaching is basically Personal Coaching. Personal Coaching is coaching individuals who need help and support making critical changes in their lives. Those changes can range from very small ones to a complete life change.

A good life Coach

A good life coach is critical to help the client make the necessary changes. There is a whole range of life coaches out there but it is important that the Life coach you choose, has the skills to help you professionally. There is an alarming amount of cheap courses claiming to train people in the skills of life coaching. Make sure your coach is qualified to coach you.

To be a good life coach is actually quite a long process. Training is extensive and living a certain way is necessary. What I mean by living a certain way is, living by certain principles that have been learned while training to be a coach.

These changing of behaviours are carefully monitored so the student coach becomes aware of their own blocks and resistance to change. A good coach will have gone through the Changes and is in a position to share this information with others. When a coach is in that position, qualification or certification is obtained and the coach can begin his/ her practice.

Coaches, Counselors, Physiatrists, Psychologists and anyone in the field of changing behaviours need to maintain a certain way of living to be effective in their work. In other words, they need to practice what they preach. They have to deal with a whole range of difficulties experienced by individuals and balanced life is vital for any success.

Choosing A Coach

Choosing a coach is a critical factor when considering being coached. It is important that you resonate with the coach and are prepared to be open and do the work suggested by the coach. Coaching is not a quick fix to problems but a permanent fix if you are willing to work with the chosen coach.

Many great coaches have been through a whole range of difficulties themselves so they will be very aware of most problems that arise in the client. They will also be able to advise you on what to do as they have to been through this same process themselves. Whether its a physical, psychological of Spiritual change to need to make, Most coaches will be able to help with these areas as they come up.

Now all my information so far may seem quite obvious but the information I am giving you is very important. Once you have considered all of this you will know whether this is for you or not. Those who choose the route to make real changes in their lives will thoroughly enjoy the whole process. It is a deep and thorough process but it is also done step by step to make the whole experience very enjoyable.

Becoming a Coach

Becoming a coach for me has completely changed my life and life now is unrecognizable. I had the fantastic opportunity to be trained and monitored by two of the best people in the world of coaching. They only gave their blessing and certification when I was ready to share what I learned.

They were there throughout the process and have always been a phone call or email away. I never felt alone and I was always supported from start to finish. I would like to give that experience to my clients so they too are ready to make changes.

How long does coaching last?

Coaching is varied in its length. There is no real set time as everyone is different. Each has a unique set of changes they want to make. From experience, 3 months coaching is the minimum amount required. I would recommend 6 to 12 months to individuals who want to make real changes to their entire life.

Changes can range from losing weight, changing a career, starting a new business, Dealing with Depression, addictions, Guilt. The list is endless. Over the years I have noticed a huge surge of interest in personal development. People are realizing that so many things are possible with certain changes in lifestyle and thought processes.

The mind is the only thing stopping anyone from having a more productive life. Life coaching is a process that shows you how to access your mind in a different way. It brings you through the process step by step.

Once you learn this process and introduce this new thought pattern into your life, everything changes. You begin to live the life that you have always wanted.

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Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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