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Life coaching is using the services of a life Coach who can help you to set a personal Goal to finding your Life's purpose and reaching your full potential. Its like having you own personal mentor, teacher, motivator at hand every step of the way. There are a wide variety of Life Coaches in this industry that can help with Personal Coaching to Career coaching to Business Coaching, depending on the coaching skills of the Life Coach. Each Life Coach will have their Own unique set of skills so it is important for the client to recognise whether the life Coach is suitable for their needs.

How many Life coaching sessions are needed ? 

The Coaching Process is different for everyone but the Coaching sessions should be 3 to 6 months at least for permanent changes to be achieved. Life coaching is not a quick fix so when the client is considering Some coaching they need to be prepared for a lengthy timeframe if they are serious about making som expositive changes in their lives. 

Is Coaching Suitable for Mental Health Issues ?

Coaching Can be very helpful for Mental health issues but many in the coaching profession would recommend that the client seek help from the Mental Health Professional before considering a life coach. However If the symptoms are mild like some stress of Anxiety then an effective Coach can be very positive impact for the client.

What are the topics the life coach helps deal with ?  

The topics are endless when it comes to helping clients. Topics like finding your Dream Job, Personal Development, Professional Development, Finding Financial independence, Dealing with Personal issues, Fitness Goals, Career goals and the list is endless. Again, it is important that the Client finds the right Coach that specialises in a specific topic of topics.

Myself for instance, look for clients that need Coaching on Business Topics, Spiritual topics and finding their life's purpose. There are so many different types of life Coaches in the coaching industry out there so be sure to find the right one for you and that is interested in your intended goals. A solid coaching relationship and understanding from the very beginning is critical for the client's successful Goal Attainment.

How does the Coaching work once a commitment is made ?

After the initial Call is made to determine whether then Client is ready for coaching and that the Coach is suitable for the client, a set time for coaching is agreed too. This could be 3 months, 6 months or even more. Finding your life's purpose for example is a long process of trail and error and takes time to set goals, daily ritual and setting accountability tasks.

The Client has email access to the Life coach on a weekly basis and at the end of each week has a Live call to discuss progress and future weekly plans. Again, every Coach have their own Coaching style so this format, Custom plan, Business plan or action plans may vary from client to client.

During the One to one session on the live call each week, the coach will use his listening skills and in some instances, readjust the client's thinking to prepare for the upcoming week. Sometimes things can happen in the client's personal life, Career life or even Dream life that can cause some disruption so a full recall of the events is necessary before moving forward and making plans for the following week.  

Each week brings its Challenges and Celebrations that can discourage and encourage while making changes. Each challenge can be discussed and altered towards success over time. Each Celebration can be intensified to make the Goal Closer to reality.

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