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I decided to share my Story about Turmeric and gout and the natural healing it has to bring about a cure.

Gout is an extremely painful condition that affects about 5% of the population. Doctors say that it is a permanent condition but I found a way to heal it.

My Story

It was over 20 years ago when I went to the doctor with a swelled up big toe. I had it for weeks and didn't know what the hell was wrong. I had just turned 30 and was reasonably fit and strong. When my doctor told me that I had gout, I couldn't believe it, I had heard about gout but never really knew what it was. A rich man's disease seemingly from too much rich food and Drink. The kings and Queens of Old suffered greatly with this disease.

Effects of gout

I was told that I had to go on medication for the rest of my life. That I had to take one tablet a day to stabilize my condition and that I would have to do this for the rest of my life  Problem was, I hated tablets and knew quite well that the so-called magic pill was itself a deadly cocktail of chemicals. Refusing to put this crap into my system I struggled with gout for nearly two decades.

The Dreaded anti-inflammatory

I had my own routine and always had some anti-inflammatories on standby.  They were just as bad if not worse on the human body. I deluded myself into thinking that I could control this condition. I managed to sustain this routine for about 18 years until I started to develop a bowel problem. The anti-inflammatories had got me out of trouble me for all those years but damaged my bowel. It just wasn't working the way it had being and I had pain constantly.

I had no interest in going to the doctor as I knew what had caused my problem and didn't want to be told that I needed some operation. I am a big believer in finding a natural solution. Some may see this a being very irresponsible but I have very little fate in most doctors. They see a problem, prescribe medicine they know very little about and no alternative solution to the problem presented. This has been my experience.

Alternative Solutions

Prescriptions may heal the symptom for a while but it never seems to target the actual cause. I am not suggesting not to go to your doctor but in my opinion, more needs to be done to seek an alternative solution that may suit the client better. After all we are all very different and have our own beliefs and attitudes towards healing.

Over the years I have looked up 100s of articles, youtube clips in a bid to find a natural solution to healing gout. The amount of rubbish advice out there is terrible, especially on youtube. Many suggest that you basically give up everything edible and it may help. Cherries, apple cider vinegar, lots of water, etc. Well, I have tried them all and deluded myself into believing that they work. Gout always came back.

Exercise is another one but when you are in the grips of a gout attack, getting to the bathroom is an achievement. It's very hard to have any exercise program when you are under constant attack. There is no doubt that exercise is a great preventative but getting to a level where it can help is almost impossible.

Turmeric and Gout - The Natural Cure

So while I was in the midst of dealing with a troublesome bowel and constant gout attacks, I heard about Turmeric was good for the gut and bowel. So I decided to give it a go. I tried the powdered Turmeric first but it tasted terrible so I went onto the capsules. I bought myself a months supply and religiously took them twice a day. To my amazement. My bowel improved and everything seemed to be coming back to normal. I bought another bottle and I found myself without any pain or discomfort in my bowel after just two months of taking turmeric. Whatever was causing the problem before had seized and I was relieved greatly.

Turmeric and Gout - The Natural Cure

In those two months, I also realized the I hadn't had a gout attack and wondered if that was just a weird coincidence. I stopped with the turmeric for a few months and it wasn't long before the niggling came back in my big Toe. Instead of taking an anti-inflammatory, I decided to take two turmeric capsules instead. I had no idea if it was going to work or not but I took a chance. The pain had gone away and within a few hours. That was two years ago. I have had some warnings since but as soon as I take a couple of turmeric capsules, it's gone and it doesn't return.

Life-Changing Results

I started walking again and I am now a regular at the gym. I am training for a mini-marathon in March of 2019 and I cannot believe that I have finally beaten this dreadful affliction. My diet is much the same but I have cut back drastically on the meat and booze. I eat more fruit and drink fresh water. I do have my turmeric with me when I am away just in case but I know it works and very fast. It's natural and is actually good for you. It cleans the stomach and bowels and is inexpensive to buy.

Give it a go

I wrote this blog as I see this problem coming up all the time online and people are looking desperately for a solution. So much misinformation out there when a very simple solution is available and works nearly straight away.  I really hope this reaches someone out there that is suffering and looking to heal themselves from this. This simple herb has changed my life entirely and I hope it does the same for the reader.

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