Clean your House and begin to declutter your life
Clean your House and begin to declutter your life is a step by step method on how to begin to to change your entire life.

Have you ever wondered the amount of rubbish we pick up in our minds in a lifetime?  Well, the simple answer is quite a lot and the majority of it is unnecessary and does you no good at all.

Did you know the Subconscious records every single thing you have experienced since the day you were born and even in your mother's womb? That's a lot of information for anyone to store. Depending on your experiences throughout your life, this information will determine your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and so on. In brief, your personality is created by the information coming from the subconscious part of the mind. So basically, most of us are very much programmed to be the way we are today. It's quite fascinating and frightening when you really think about it.

Distorted Ego

So what happens when we are not very happy with this personality.? Well, we feel something is missing and in many cases, we don't like our lives at all.  We criticize ourselves and others and find ourselves in a vicious circle of constant drama. This drama can extend out into all areas of our lives. Into our relationships, careers, family and especially, in our own minds. We distract ourselves with hobbies, addictions, obsessions, media, social media, Sex and pretty much everything from feeling as bad as we do. As we continue down the road of avoiding what is obvious, we get caught up in the madness of everyday living and Just exist to survive.

Many of us continue this cycle for the rest of our lives with a small few of us feeling and implementing a change in life. This idea of change comes in so many ways. Some traumatic event may lead you to change your life completely, A deep depression that led you to address a different way to think, a coaching program, the list is endless. What is sure in all of this is, we have the ability to change everything. The secret is actually wanting too. No one else has the capability to change you, only you.

Let's Go

So for those of you who are seriously thinking about decluttering your life or making changes that will have a positive impact on your life, this post is for you.

Imagine for a moment that you kept all of your household rubbish for a complete year?. Picture what the house would be like, the Garden and your life in general? How you would move around in this area or cope with the obvious smell of rotten rubbish.? Just picture that for a minute?. Now imagine that same scenario going on in your mind.? It's not a very nice feeling, is it?

You will be shocked to hear that most of us are operating with this amount of rubbish inside of us and we don't realize it.  Most of that rubbish we don't need or want. Is it any wonder why we are so unhappy and see the world as a very difficult place to live.? Well, the good news is you can get rid of it. It takes a little time but with commitment and the need to change is all that is required. Now, this might sounds easy enough but it does take great effort.

My Beginning

I remember when I first started with this and was training to be a life coach.  One of the very first things that were suggested was to clean out my house. I didn't quite understand what that was all about but I did it anyway. The house didn't seem so bad as I looked around. It was only when I started really cleaning it room by room that I realized how much crap with all around me. I found stuff I had been holding onto for decades and had absolutely no need for them whatsoever. Clothes, documents, ornaments, you name it.  Walls had not been painted in years and dirt and dust were everywhere.

It took me months to get the house to a point where I actually liked to live in it. I started to enjoy my new surroundings. As I continued my new habit, I would add new stuff to make it more appealing to me and my family.

I began to notice a feeling of relief or a weight had been lifted. I went into the Garden and did the same there. Again the entire place was full of broken tools, old stuff from the house and looking unkempt. By the time I was finished I was really happy with both inside and outside of my cleared out home.

Improve your surroundings & Declutter your Life More

Now all this might seem very obvious to some people that the home should be this way anyway but many do not. On a deeper level, I found that this had an amazing effect on my mind. Instead of looking at all the old and tired things in my surrounding I was now looking at a completely new picture of newness. To put this more accurately. I brought my home from the past into the present and filled it with all the things that were dear to me. The rest I got rid off. I was beginning to empty my mind of rubbish and fill it with new things. This exercise was beginning to make real sense.

I found myself cleaning my car too and having it look great all the time so the overall picture was very pleasing to me. A quick note, I just want to add. I am not suggesting to become a clean freak here or get obsessive about this. I'm suggesting getting your home surroundings to a point where you feel energized and very comfortable. When you reach that point, you only need a very short time to maintain it all. I might spend 30 minutes a day on keeping everything maintained which is brilliant. Before I could never keep the place clean and would spend many hours every week just keeping it from looking like a dump. That alone was a huge transformation and in the end, it was much easier to maintain everything.

Keep Going

I remember feeling irritable at times while going through this process. You see the mind is always playing tricks on you. It doesn't want to change and wants to keep the rubbish in there. It's quite happy the way it is and does not like to be changed or challenged. It is very happy with a full dumpster of rubbish at all times and sees no need whatsoever to change. You need to be persistent and patient at this particular time. People make the mistake of forcing the mind ( ego ) and the result can be negative sometimes and you end up right back at where you began.

let me explain a little bit about the ego. As I have already told you that all information has been stored by your subconscious. This information creates your personality ( the Ego ). Ego is a complicated piece of equipment and its actually a version of you. The programmed you !!  The physical you !! I don't want to confuse here so I will give you a picture of what is going on.

The Three parts of the mind

Imagine that there are three parts to your mind. One part collects up all the information and stores it. The other is a blank canvas, to begin with. As the information comes in, a personality begins to develop. The personality develops as the information is fed to it year after year. This is what many call the ego. There is a third part to this, The intellect, The higher self, The conscious, The intuition, The good, The spirit, The list is endless. To put it briefly, it is the part of you who wants to change or knows that something is not quite right about your current situation. It is the questioning in you. All of these parts must work together for balance in this life. When one is out of balance then all of them are out of balance.

Be Gentle

I remember going to war with the ego when I first started my own journey. It was like a separate entity that had corrupted me and my mind to do all sorts of stuff. I blamed it for everything and seen it as evil and selfish. This tortured me daily and I had enough. One Christmas  I decided that big changes were going to happen in the new year. I was going to make changes in all aspects of my life. One, in particular, was exercising by going for a run every morning, Something I hadn't done for many years. I had a huge list of all the changes and was going to sort this ego out once and for all.

I remember waking up in the new year and was excited about what my new life was going to be like. That day was going to be the beginning of my complete transformation. I got washed and was getting myself ready for this epic run. As I was bending down to tie my last shoelace on my trainers when I heard a crack in my back. The agony as I fell onto the bed behind me. It was that bad that I couldn't get back up. I ended up almost a month in bed with two slip discs.  Absolutely no trouble with my back up to this incident. I could hear my ego saying " Going for a run are you LOL". " Not on my watch Buddy ".


I had lots of time to reflect in bed and felt very sorry for myself. A realization that the ego is a very slippery character indeed and not to be underestimated. I also realized that the ego, I went to war with was actually me. Yes, I was going to war on myself. Ego is very much a part of everyone and if we are trying to change it, we need to be very gentle and careful.

I like to describe it like a child that has got its way all its life and is now being told that everything is going to change. You are going to have a conflict of epic proportions if you are not careful. It's like playing chess with each move carefully thought out and the benefits to the possible outcomes. There needs to be a reward at the end if the ego is going to consider and accept it. Just like a child being rewarded after doing something it didn't want to do in the first place. The ego pretty much works the same way. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Final words

So what has all this to do with decluttering your life - Clearing out the Rubbish? It is the beginning of making huge changes and Knowing a little about how the mind works. Understanding this it is critical to clearing the mind. What has been accepted as normal behavior previously by the ego has to be altered over time to new behavior and the emptying of old beliefs can begin. You start this by physically clearing out the Rubbish that surrounds you first. Clear the picture on the outside first. Make it as beautiful as you can and see your behaviour improve. When you see the results from this , you will want to clear the rubbish on the inside too.

My next blog will be on the processes of emptying the rubbish of the mind and dealing with issues from the past that have prevented you from moving on. This will be very deep so take your time reading. I will try to put this in steps for you so you can try it for yourself. I encourage comments on all of my blogs. If you have any questions then please comment. If you are attempting some of my steps and are not sure or are stuck at a particular step then please let me know.

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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