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How to change your life Around is probably one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves. Here I attempt to answer this searching question and get you starting on your own unique journey.

If you are reading this then you are considering to make changes in your life. Whether you are making big ones or small ones you need to check a few things first. There are three areas in particular that you will need to take a look at. The mind, The body and your surroundings are the three so we need to align these three first.

Change the Mind    Change your mind

I will begin with a brief explanation of the mind so you will have a clear idea of how it operates. You will also realize how the other two are so important to overall change.

The mind operates in three basic ways. You have the Subconscious which records every detail of your life and stores it. Then, You have your ego that translates that information and becomes much of your perception of the outside world. Finally, You have your intellect that determines whether to accept or disagree with what the Ego says. This is a very basic explanation but all you need to know about how your mind works.

So picture yourself sitting in a movie theatre. The subconscious is the role of film that has collected up all the information. The ego is the projector putting that information the way it sees it, onto the movie screen. You are the intellect sitting in front of the screen and watching this movie. This is basically what is happening to you. You are watching the movie of your life without you being really in it. You are the observer and it's time to take your part and rewrite your own story on the screen.

Up to now, you have been involved in your own life but not really. You have gone with the flow but the flow has brought you to places you did not want to go. This can be changed but it does take a little time. The intellect which is actually you needs to take charge and bring you where you need to go.

Change the movie of your life  Change the movie of your life

I want you to watch the full movie of your life and you will notice many areas that need changing. You will know all the areas and see all the mistakes that were made. This is a positive thing to do and gives you a  very good idea about where to start.

Your job now is to rewrite everything with the help of the intellect. You have assigned yourself as the new director and everything must come through you first. The old director ( Ego ) is not going to like this very much and will do its damndest to change your mind.   Keep focused and be aware that anything with fear in it, is the Ego speaking to you. The Intellect has no fear and simply gets shit done. Who would you prefer to listen too?

Let's go back to the Subconscious as its important and key to change. Everything from the five senses is recorded in the subconscious   So if the subconscious records everything, you will be changing what it records in the new future. This is the very first place we must look at if we are looking for any change. So new behaviors get recorded, which in turn begins to create a whole new movie in the future. I hope you are following me here.? Everything you feed the subconscious gets played out in your life. The law of attraction is based on this idea. Karma is also based on this idea.  What you sow you reap means, what you are feeding the subconscious.

Rewrite the Movie of life  Rewrite your movie of life

Ok so you have seen the old movie and now you want to rewrite a new one. You need to start all over again and do it right this time, building a strong foundation. You will do this correctly with step by step so everything will be supported by this new foundation. When you have the foundation in place, you will write the new script and build it in the very same as you built the foundation. There is no rush as you want to do this correctly. Step by step is the way to go and with a consistent flow.  Remember that the record button is on all the time and this new way of thinking is being recorded. Your actions, Your feeling, Your every move is already changing and rewriting your new movie of life.

Change your Body    Fitness

Now that you have an understanding of the mind. your body needs to be looked at. You have been given one body, so look after it. If you give it the right food and exercise then it will serve you very well. Anyone looking to make changes must first consider assessing their own body. You will know if it needs attention, you will also know if you have been giving it the proper food. The body is one of the foundations of the new movie you are making. No need to be an Olympian or overexerting. A 30-minute walk, Run, Swim or Gym, 3 or 4 times a week is all that is required.  It is also good for anyone wanting to lose weight. Healthy eating and regular exercise are all that required for a healthy body.

If you are already doing this then well done. If you are not then simply start step by step and watch how good you will feel and look. Again your subconscious is recording all this and your overall behavior will begin to change. There will be times of relapses but that's just the old habits from the old movie. If this happens just say to yourself " I don't want to go there again, I know where it leads too so no thank you".

Change Your Surroundings    Garden

Your surroundings are quite interesting actually.  This category is vast but I would like to talk about the surrounding that is daily to you. Your home, in particular, is another foundation that you must consider.  Whether you are living in a bedsit, apartment or house, be sure that it is comfortable in every way. Remember this is your castle so spend time making it your home. Declutter it if it's needed. Does it need paint? A new bed ?, A good cleaning ?. What's the garden like? Does it need a tidy? Do you need to get rid of stuff? Do you need a skip and a complete clearout  ?. Your surroundings are very important. If you want to change the movie of your life then consider changing the picture. Record a better home, clean and tidy and an overall good feeling around it.

Your surroundings also mean yourself. Are you wearing the same clothes all the time? Time to throw them out or give them away perhaps ?. A nice selection of clothes for all occasions. It's important to take good care of yourself and also look and feel good. Your appearance means more than you might think. It attracts the right people to you, the right careers to you. Don't ever underestimate the power of your make sure you invest a little on your wardrobe regularly. This is nothing to do with vanity but taking good care of yourself and feeling fantastic.

Final words

So there you have it Guys. if you can manage to put these foundations in place then you are learning how to change your life completely. By setting up these very simple foundations you have already learned the basics is getting whatever you want from life.

Please Comment or ask a question if you wish.

My next blog will be on the ego and how to deal with it. The only thing that prevents us from achieving is the ego so it is important to have some advice on this topic

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