How to manage your Ego

How to manage the Ego

How to manage the Ego

If you are Someone who wants to make changes in your life then you need to know how to manage the Ego. The Ego has been investigated since the very awareness of its existence. It is a vast subject and has many parts to it. It is highly influenced and also extremely manipulative. The ego perceives the world with what was fed to it through the subconscious. The Subconscious is the human recording device that records every experience an individual might have. The Ego will then filter that information and form a perception about its world.

How does the Ego think? 

It is important to know what is going on inside your own head when making changes in your life. It is not difficult determining this as two things are going on primarily. I like to call this the inner debate. We have an ego who thinks negatively and wants all the time. It’s needy and nothing seems to be going right. You have your intellect who already knows that there is no need for negativity or being needy. It knows right from wrong and is in direct opposition to the Ego.

The Ego is Judgemental and loves to criticize itself and others. It doesn’t like anything much and if it seems to like something, then it’s usually not for your overall good. It’s filling an unnecessary need, drummed up by itself and has convinced you that it’s very good for you when it is clearly not ..Anything negative you see in the world today has been drummed up by this same ego .. Want want want, Gimme gimme gimme is the ego’s only concern.

Spiritual Lesson from the Ego 

If you are spiritually inclined or have a belief in the bigger picture, then a spiritual explanation to the ego is very helpful. The ego can be seen as our teacher in a way. It is the accumulation of all our experiences and projected ( if allowed ) into our world. Our intellect or our higher self is our other guide that can change what the ego perceives and guide us in a different direction. It is quite ingenious if you really think about it. We have all the tools available to determine our lives any way we wish. The final decision is down to us and we must reap what we sow either way. The law of attraction is based around this and so is karma.

Karma is not a punishment as so many think but a learning tool that attempts to put you on the right path. Our job here is to learn certain lessons so we can move on in our spiritual evolution. Every living thing evolves the same. Once the lesson is learned, we can move onto the next stage of our evolution.

How to manage the Ego 

Now that we have a little understanding of how the ego affects us, we can begin to take measures. A simple rule of thumb is the Ego thinks negatively so when this happens, simply correct it with something positive. This takes quite a lot of practice when you start, but you will see very quickly how influenced you are by the Ego. Some of you will be quite shocked at how negative you have been in the past. This simple practice will have miraculous results in a very short time. You will feel much better and be less stressed. You will also feel much more in control.

Don’t be surprised if the Ego puts in a few curve balls while you are doing this. It doesn’t like to be challenged and has an arsenal of ideas to get you to go back to the good old ego self. Be persistent and change everything to a positive, even though you might not believe it sometimes.  By doing this you will be feeding the subconscious a different behavior to record and eventually influence the Ego to your new way of thinking.


I hope you enjoyed this post. My next post will be on releasing Guilt and the benefits of that.

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