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Daily Rituals for success

For many of us, daily rituals can seem to be quite monotonous. The truth is we need them as they are critical for maintaining a good standard of living.

So what are the daily rituals to success? Daily rituals are tasks that you do on a daily basis. Washing your teeth, getting up early, going for a walk and endless other things that we normally do. So what's the magic in this you might ask? Daily rituals are the very first thing you must do in order to make big changes. If you are looking to make any change, a daily ritual is the first place to target.

We all have our usual daily habits or rituals. Some are good for us and some not so good. Staying up too late, watching too much TV or social media. Again the list of things that are not so good for us, are endless.

Assessing Daily Habits   

If you are someone who is looking to make some positive changes in your life then the first thing is assessing your current situation. Try to be as honest as possible and begin your assessment at the very time you get up out of bed.

  1. Write a complete list of the daily habits you have for every day of the week. After each habit, put a comment in. The comments will be either positive or negative, depending on the habit. Make the list right up to bedtime.
  2. When you have your list for the day, take a good look and put all the negative ones or ones you want to change on a separate list. Write down all the negative effects each one of these habits has on your life.
  3. Make a second list of good habits and the positive effects they have on your life. When you have both lists you will know exactly where you are in your life. You will also know what needs to change and where you need to begin with your transformation.
  4. Now simply pick one of those habits and change it to a positive one.EG: if you are going to bed too late, then your new ritual will be going to bed earlier. Pick a ritual that will be the easiest for you and do this ritual for 2 weeks. Introduce your second ritual after you have completed your first one and so on. The purpose of this is to slowly change a habit and not become overwhelmed.

I have already written about the ego in a previous post so this method is best when dealing with Ego and its opinion about the change.


Accountability is a critical part of this process. When making these changes, make a promise to a partner, friend or parent that you will complete this ritual every day and if you don't, you will forfeit money or some task you do not like to do.

The reason for this is that the Ego will come up with every excuse to bring you back to your old habits. It does not like doing things it doesn't want to do so making this pack with a loved one will ensure that your ego will be more inclined to continue with the rituals. The Ego will determine which is best, doing the rituals of forfeiting something.

Make sure your forfeit is very convincing and something you do not want to give away.  Check-in with your loved one every day and confirm that you have achieved your ritual. Promise that If you do not check-in then you also forfeit. No excuses. If you do this, you will have a rock-solid system in place and any ritual is achievable.


Celebrating is a very part of this process also. After each successful ritual accomplished, have a day of celebration. Every success must be celebrated as it strengthens the continuation of keeping that ritual. A night out somewhere, A meal in. it doesn't matter what the celebration is celebrating a successful ritual.

Final Words

If you have any questions about Daily Rituals for success then please comment or contact me. If you need any further advice about Daily Rituals then I can be contacted here on the website.

Please read my previous posts as I am making an online course and would love some feedback from the general public.

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