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How To write Intentions that implement Change is a brief Step by Step approach to achieving the Dreams you desire.

Having Intentions is a very powerful thing but many of us do not know how to write intentions correctly. There has been much confusion since the introduction of Books like the "Secret" on the law of attraction. Intentions are the main theme behind most of these books and I have found that clients just don't understand the concept.

The "Secret" for me is by firstly writing the intentions Correctly and then preparing a step by step approach to the various goals. Each goal representing one of the ingredients required so the intention can come into reality.

The Reality of Balance

Balance can be many things but to simplify it, all things require a balance to live as they are. Plants need all the right conditions to bloom and the balance results in a healthy plant. The same applies to climate, animals and of course the Human race. So what is balance for a human?

The human is a more complicated affair as its intelligence has evolved to a point of creating its own balance. The problem is with all the temptations and distractions this has proven to be very difficult. We get to experience the greatest love and the darkest evil all at the same time. So where do we exist in this polar opposite world?

Well, we have to find a happy medium and that happy medium is where our own balance lies at this time. So how do we find this Happy medium and how do we know that this is right for us? Figuring this out is our challenge and also our purpose here. People have been asking about what they are doing here, Their purpose, the reason for thousands of years.

The purpose, the reason they exist is " Balance ". To exist in a place where everything seems topsy turvy and maintain Balanced regardless. It is recognizing everything for what it is, The Good, The Bad and everything in between and remain peaceful & excepting regardless.

The Time To Change

The time for change comes to us all at some stage. Some of us will ignore and some of us will decide that they need balance in their lives. They will feel that something is not quite right and want to go in a different direction. You see we are all nature, a Life and a part of the overall picture.

To grow and be in harmony we must have the right conditions in our lives. Those conditions can only involve "Love" as love is the ingredient to all things. Most people do not fully understand love and see it as some sort of weakness. It is the power behind all things in life as it is life.

We exist because of it and will exist as an expression of it. It is the eternal force that binds everything together and to understand this is the key to Balance.

So Back to the Intentions

Presuming you are beginning to understand the concept of Balance and love, You are now in a position to make your statements, your intentions. You make those intentions from your heart. That's where the love is in you and that's where your real intentions reside. You have always had them and are simply making them known now.

You may desire a place to live, a career you want to pursue, the love of a loved one. Choose something you will truly love in the deepest place in your heart. It will never lie to you as it is pure no matter what it has seen or heard. It is the place where nothing can touch only you. It is your own unique place where you reside. The real you that wants to express who you are.

Do not concern with any lack as there is no lack where you reside as love is everything you need. All of what is meant for you will come when it is done with the love in your heart.

Picture the perfect life as if it were here now. See it as it is and then start to build towards this Dream from the heart. It will be a beautiful dream as a dream from the heart is the perfect Dream for you.


Resistance is part of the changing process. You have been programmed to think and feel a certain way. You have allowed yourself to be consumed by this and now you want to break free.

Allow that resistance to emerge as each resistance is a purge of that old way of thinking. It is necessary to see it, feel it and to say goodbye to it. It does not serve you any longer and you already know what it has to offer you.

Every temptation will emerge as you move forward. See yourself like a voyager with many obstacles but necessary ones to navigate your way. keep with you that love you have inside as this will be your way to overcome all obstacles. See the obstacles as your training for better things to come and the path to your own balance.

This is why you are here now at this very time. To know how to live in balance with all these obstacles and still find your way.

Some Examples of the wrong intentions Versus the Intention of the heart.

  • I have Big Car to show people how successful I am
  • I have a comfortable and safe Car where I and my family can enjoy our Travels 
  • I  live in a Big house with a swimming pool and lots of bedrooms.
  • I live in a beautiful house where my family are so happy and feel safe 
  • I make millions and people respect me
  • I make a good living doing what I love and I encourage and help others.
  • I go on holidays a few times a year
  • I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures all over the world.
  • I will never be broke again
  • I build a comfortable income so I enjoy my life 
  • I am a billionaire
  • I am a person who inspires myself every day and everyone around me. 
  • I help others Climb the ladder to success
  • I inspire others by my actions so they can do the same 

That's just a few Examples guys but you see the Idea. Try to keep the ego out of the equation and only involve the heart in all your intentions. Read over each of your intentions until they sit right with you. When you have this done, you are well on your way to a life that will make more sense to you and will be in balance of your true nature & purpose.

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