The Power Of Using A Vision Board

The power of using a vision board can not be underestimated as it represents your inner goals and visions and is there to remind you each day of what they are.


So what is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board Or Dream Board Can be described as a Collage of Images or a Board with Pictures along with written statements of your Life goals displayed on a wall, Frame or Board. It is put there to remind you visually of a written or visual intention you made to yourself. The power of the vision board is the putting of that very board on display in a place where you look often and are reminded of those Goals in life every day. It is there to keep you focused on those Goals or Dreams you have and help you stay on track.

Does it work and how?

A Vision Board is a wonderful tool and works very well in a very distracting world. With so many of those life's distractions, A Vision board can be very helpful to those who have trouble staying focused on Goals in lIfe. Writing down statements or Intentions are great but are too often forgotten about after a short period of time. So having them in your face every day ensures they stay fresh in your mind.

A vision board also represents a lifestyle or wish you want to experience. By looking at your Vision Board each day, you will feel hopeful and motivated to move forward. You are sending your subconscious mind a clear and detailed message of what you want to experience.

How does the Subconscious work and play a Part?

The Subconscious Mind is your recording device and is your information center. Without it, nothing can be learned or experienced. It is your own unique building block to your Individual life You become who you are today with the information your subconscious receives throughout your life. Your Ego, attitudes, personality, personas, emotions, memories, dreams and so many more are the Sole responsibility of your subconscious. It's like a sponge and absorbs all the information from the five senses.

You see the world the way you do from the sum total of all your experiences through your subconscious. The subconscious does not differentiate between good and bad experiences and absorbs all. The results of this are a varied mixed bag of practically every emotion we can think off. You can develop every emotion imaginable. These feelings can be mixed in every way possible depending on circumstances and events presented, throughout your life...

The subconscious can also be manipulated in various ways into thinking or reacting a certain way by the information it receives from various forms. Marketing is one good example of this. Marketing companies are experts in manipulating your emotions to Buy a particular service or product. If this resonates with you then you will possibly consider, if a need is there. Our lives are surrounded by manipulations of every kind that target all our senses and affect the way we think and live. We can become confused and reach a point where we are aware of these manipulating effects and want a change. Unraveling a fragmented Mind is challenging but Can be achieved by a Conscious decision and a filtering out of unnecessary information.

What is needed is the Intent to change and a Manageable way to achieve Contentment in our most natural way.

Conscious Choice

What many of us do not know or use is our Conscious filter. That filter is a conscious choice to change and recognizing what needs to be changed or altered. The conscious choice filter is your choice to accept what your Subconscious is showing you to be a true reflection of who you are right now. It shows you in thoughts, emotions, attitudes, Dreams, Physical and current events, the list is endless. it is up to you to accept them for what they are and make adjustments.

Your SubConscious doesn't differentiate what is true or untrue. It simply shows you the sum total of who you are at any given second of every day. It can be your greatest enemy or your best friend depending on what you allow your mood to be. Subconscious will simply feed you what you feed it and mirror your life back to you exactly how you see it at any given time. Instead of fearing it, we must learn to listen to it carefully. It is actually our natural teacher and reminding us of exactly where we are on our Journey If you are having a bad day then ask it why you are having a bad day. You will receive many reasons for this and the reasons you can accept or deny as the possible reasons for the bad day.

Asking the Questions Why?

Why do I have a certain addiction or attitude would be a good place to begin. Subconscious already knows and has presented you with this addiction or attitude as a result of your reasons for it. When you start to grasp how you're subconscious actually works then you will start to understand how to change the information within you. A vision board is just one of the ways to do that.

I remember an old man telling me many years ago, " You are what you think ". At that time, I had no clue what he meant by this but later on understood. He was referring to "what you allow into your mind you are". This was an extremely powerful statement. Be conscious of your thinking and if thoughts or emotions are not what you want then change them. Otherwise, they will be repeated to you over and over until you Consciously change them.

If you are feeling depressed then ask yourself why you are feeling depressed. When you get the first answer then ask, why to that also. Ask why to the next and the next until you reach the very first reason for this depressive state. Go to the root. There is a beginning to everything. whether it's positive or negative. A seed gets planted. with every experience. That seed has many branches over time as it expresses itself by you feeding it with more of the same Experience. That seed can be changed at any time by accepting it for what it is or was and to Consciously change how you feel about that particular experience. This can be difficult but over time can be achieved by Conscious choice and a filtering out what you do not want or need.

Expect Some Resistance to Change

I am emphasizing Greatly on the Subconscious here and may seem to be going away from the Subject of the Vision Board but this is important. You are wasting your time with any Intention or Vision Board if you do not understand how the subconscious works and how you can change its thinking. As you start out with Intentions, Daily Rituals, Vision boards, and accountability, Many things will come up. They come up because they need too during this time. Your Vision Board will be a contraction to what subconscious is used to experiencing. Displaying a Vision Board is showing and teaching the subconscious how you want to live in your present moment.

As you begin to change your experiences it too will change and accept what it sees but it will also Send you some curveballs. Each Curveball is simply something you haven't dealt with yet and needs to be addressed before you can move on. Deal with them as they arrive and go deep with each. Sort out whatever is needed to be sorted out and continue on with your intention regardless.

Using a vision Board

Back to using a Vision Board

So I hope you are beginning to see the significance and the power of using a vision board? It is a Powerful tool that you can use to begin a change. A change that is necessary so your subconscious can begin to absorb new information. This Visual Representation, when seen on a daily basis, will have more impact as you have cleverly put yourself in a position of Conscious choice. You want this situation to happen and you are showing your subconscious clear pictures and statements of your desires.

Along with using a vision board, there are other tools for you to use to help change behaviour for a better future. They involve writing the right intentions from the heart, to begin with, and planning some daily rituals to begin your new Journey. Setting up accountability with an accountability Partner is also a vital ingredient to your overall success. I discuss this on another blog and I would recommend you read and begin this process

If you have any questions about the Vision board and want to experience the power of using a vision board then please leave a comment and I will be happy to answer your inquiries.

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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