The Meaning Of Life and Why We Are Here

This is a post about my interpretation of what is the Meaning of life and why we are here.  Personally, I think this topic is the most important one when living here on this planet. What would be the point of all this if we had no clue as to who we were and why we are here?

I will attempt to explain this by connecting with my higher self, my inner guide, my consciousness that is connected to everything we see and cannot see. I will ask my questions in the conscious and answer them with my unconscious, my inner knowing. Answers are already there and have always been there if we just sit in the silence and ask.  It is not hard, It just takes a little practice and you are there.

I sit in silence and breath. I relax and close my eyes. I listen to my meditation music and the answers come to me Clearly and with grace.

The Meaning Of Life
Who Am I?

You are great soul, A traveller, An adventurer, An experiencer. You want to know everything and experience everything. you have always existed and will always exist. You are on a journey to know me through all these experiences and in the discovering of yourself. you will begin to know me and want to know more.

Who Are You?

I am the source of everything. I am the energy that feeds all experiences. I am love. I am the creator of all things. I created you so you could experience all of me.

Why Must I know You?

You choose to know me, You choose to know yourself as you are a part of me. you want to find out who you are, what you are and where you came from. Like a child growing to know himself and the meaning to this life, you are growing to know yourself and the meaning of me. You are simply expressing yourself as a soul and gaining knowledge and through all your experiences you can know who you are and who I am.

Why Can't I just Stay With You?

You are with me always but you are on a journey to know all there is to know about me and all there is to know about you. You are inquisitive and instinctively want to know all.  You have already chosen to know me and know yourself. You choose this great adventure.

Why Does This Adventure Seem To Be So Difficult?

You choose everything, so you can experience everything. Everything is just an experience to know me and know yourself. There are many challenges in a search for a true meaning and the difficulty you speak off are the true lessons in knowing me and knowing who you are at this time.

Why Do I Need To Know You And Myself?

You are simply expressing who you are and who I am by knowing yourself and me. You have instinctively chosen to know more about who you are and by doing that you learn more about me. Your experiences are simply an expression of who you are and who I am. With each discovery you make, you want to know more, Just like a child wanting to express himself or herself.

You are growing all the time in knowledge and I am with you always, guiding you. You are never judged as many experiences will not be understood at first and you will have to do them many times until you know yourself more. Every soul is different and has their own way of learning.

It is up to the soul to choose and commit to that learning so they can progress to a new knowing. Those who choose not to for any reason remain where they are until they are ready to progress. It is the responsibility of the Soul to choose its own learning and how they want to proceed. knowing yourself and I is as natural as breathing in Air. You are doing what is natural to you.

So My Questions Get Answered By My Experiences?

It depends on the questions you ask. All experiences are there to teach you what it is to be you and to know me.  The questions you may be asking may not be part of your learning at this time. All questions should be related to who am I and what my purpose is at this time. Search for those answers from your heart.

Your heart is the true meaning of you and any question from there will be answered back to your heart. The heart is where you truly are and the rest of you here are the tools you need to experience this knowledge at this time.

Why Can't You Just Tell Me Who I Am And Who You Are?

I do, I tell you by allowing you to experience everything and learning through all your experiences. This is my way of telling you. I want you to experience all and feel it as I do so you know who you truly are. The best way to know is to experience it in every way possible.

Wow, That Sounds Unbelievable, Thank You!

Thank you for being such a loving soul and choosing to know me and yourself. I love you and I am always there by your side. I want you to enjoy all your experiences and to allow me to guide you. Your experiences are yours and yours alone. When you fall, I am always there to pick you up. I have to allow you to make your own mistakes and learn. You would not truly learn if it were not for all those falls. There are reasons for everything and everything leads you to know yourself more and me. The purpose of you is to know yourself fully and to know my love for you. Your purpose is love as I am love.

Why do I choose Bad Experiences?

The term  "Bad experiences" are just greater lessons in knowing who you are. Some lessons are more difficult than others. Bad experiences can be not knowing what the lessons are or refusing to see the lesson.

All experiences lead to a better knowledge of you and me. look for the hidden meaning behind all experiences. Look at these experiences from the heart as the heart knows what the lesson is or was and can guide you to a resolution. Follow your heart and all experiences will be easier for you.

The true meaning of love needs to be understood fully and has countless lessons so you know what true love is. This includes what love is not. You also have to understand what love is not so you get the full picture of what love is. if you didn't know what love is not then how could you possibly know what love is?

You live in a dualistic world so you can understand both sides of the coin. The secret is living in both worlds and choosing to live in love with the temptations of what love is not. This may sound very cruel but is necessary so you understand balance and what love is.

Why Do You Allow All These Mistakes?

I don't, you do. Everything is your own choice always. You must learn everything on your own as this is your experience chosen by you. You have challenged yourself. You are very aware of all the mistakes that could happen and will happen as living in this world has so many challenges.

There are so many lessons in this experience and only the brave souls take on this challenge. Their need to know themselves and me is great and they are willing to take the plunge and learn all.  It is a place of graduation, an evolvement of the soul into a new meaning of what love is.

Every adventure, Every pitfall, Every temptation, Every possibility of enlightenment are there to those who have chosen to learn in order to evolve into a better knowing.  Countless lessons and countless experiences are available for all those souls who wish to progress on their spiritual journey.

What Happens When I Make All Those Mistakes?

Like everything else, you must learn from those mistakes. If you learn, you can move on if you don't then you continue on with this mistake until you learn from it. When you learn from it, you progress onto the next lesson and all necessary lessons so you can evolve into a more knowing being who understands himself more and who I am.

What If I Never Learn From Certain Mistakes?

You have eternity to learn who you are and who I am so eventually you will learn. If it takes many lifetimes to learn any particular lesson then that what will happen. The amount of time, experiences, lives and completely up to you always.

How Many Experiences Do I Have?

You experience for eternity. You are an eternal Soul who is Constantly knowing yourself and me and also reminding yourself of who you are and who I am so you remain in love for eternity. Love is in constant flow and expresses itself endlessly. Part of that expression is constantly knowing itself in endless experiences so the same love flows back after experiencing and knowing what it is.

I hope you enjoyed this Piece. Please comment and if you have any questions please ask. If you would more of this material then let me know. You can ask me any questions that may be troubling you. I will do my best to answer. Thanks for reading.
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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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