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We are moving into a new era and it is a good tine to raise your Consciousness. An era of change that is not what we might expect. The old stuff is purging and we are beginning to see the hidden veil Revealed to us. We have always known that something wasn't quite right. Something was missing in our lives but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. 

You see the world went mad a little and everything that was precious to us was being destroyed. Our water, our precious animals, our air, our soil. our health. So it was time for a little reset but before the reset we needed to see just how crazy everything had become. Many of us still can't see it and we must wait a little for them. We must also wait for the purging of all the old and the things that are doing us no good. Old habits are not easy to erase but it must happen so we can all step into a new age. 

The new age is plentiful. It is where humanity can finally realise what it is, we are here to do and expand into new realities.  It is a time for repairing the old way of thinking and living our lives. It is a time when we take care of mother earth who has carried us on her own journey of self discovery. She is our mother and now needs a time of rest and self care. She asks all of us at this time to simply do the same as she prepares us for this new journey.  The old ways cannot Journey where she is going, she is purging it all, releasing all the old energies as they are preventing her from moving to the next stage of evolution. She stayed for as long as she could as she loves all of us unconditionally and wants everyone to join her but at her core, she knows that many will be left behind. 

This purging is the final call for all of us to see the world we have allowed ourselves to live in. It is decision time for what we want and what we do not want in our lives. It is time for our voices to be heard and ask for the world we want to live in from the heart. The heart knows what it wants. Time for all the hearts of the world to ask at this time as we say goodbye to the old ways. as we shed the old, so too is the world doing the same. We are moving into a higher stage of consciousness but before this, We must see this world now for what it is and what we no longer want.

The world has decided to lock itself down, afraid to come out into the light. Everyone is feeling this at this time. It is a call for reflection and the rediscovering of the human soul. The mending of great bridges is taking place within us all. All the wrongs within us are surfacing as it is all around the world. The great purging is upon us. The cleansing of our souls. All the darkness is coming to light so we can move on into a new beginning. Nothing will be unseen as we must all understand the depths of where humanity can go when they have lost their way. This understanding must be seen and understood so we can move on into the light along with our mother earth.

So as you sit here listening, it is time for you to release the old so you can move into the new.  It is not difficult. All you need to do is to think of all the things you need to release and simply say you no longer need that in your life. As you say these words you breath out and release it. Watch it leave you and drift away. See the message that came from that thought as every thought holds a message, a learning of some sort. The ones that are hard to let go of are the sad thoughts, the fearful thoughts, the painful thoughts.

Release them now as you will not need those thoughts where you are going. Mother earth is rising to another level of consciousness and so are you.  It might seem strange at this time with all that is happening around the world but this is the purging of all what is not needed. It is the final push before we ascend into another time where peace exists and prosperity is plentiful to all who want it. To get there we must purge all that we no longer need in our lives. 

Simply Exercise.

So here is a little exercise to help you begin the great purging. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, say to yourself, I release all the fear from my life. See it as a shape, a colour and watch is move out in front of you and drift away. Keep watching it till it moves out further and until you can no longer see it or see it dissipate into nothingness and be absorbed into the universe from where it came from. 

Now breath in again and do the same with sadness. Exhale and say to yourself that I release all the sadness within me. See its colour, its shape and watch it move out until you can no longer see it or see it dissipate into nothingness and be absorbed into the universe from where it came from.

Now breath in again and do the same with all the pain you have had in your life. Exhale and say, I release all the pain I have had throughout my life. Put a colour on that and see its shape. Watch it float out until it has floated away in the wind and out of sight or dissipates into nothingness from where it came from .

You will feel an instant sense of relief when you do this. A little weight will be lifted off your shoulders. You may have certain thoughts creeping in or emerging over time so use this easy breathing exercise to exhale it out and away from you. Some will have more of these thoughts than others. This is simply you, having more purging to do than others and more of this breathing exercise is required. You can do this at home, while you walk, exercise or at work. It doesn't matter where you do this but that you do it when a thought comes up that you no longer need.  

Doing this will balance the mind and release you from the chains that prevent you from moving on. Mother earth is doing this, Humanity is doing this and you are now doing this. Just take a look around to see everything for what it is. All is being revealed to you so it does not continue on in our spiritual evolution. We are moving into the golden age of humanity.

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