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There has being many misconceptions around the meaning of Karma and I wanted to clear this up a little. Karma is not a punishment like many people think. Karma is a reminder to any particular individual that they are out of balance with nature and must come back to their natural state.

In lots of incidences, we hear of people being given a dose of their own medicine as a result of Karma but that is not entirely true. Karma is never there to punish although it may seem that way. It is there to teach you a lesson for your own good but that lesson is actually determined by the individuals thoughts and actions. The greater the unbalance the greater the lesson will be but it's all for the individuals good and never a punishment so to speak.

My Own Question

As I write this, a question came to me to help me explain what it is I am trying to say. The question was around the word "Discrimination" and it consequences. Discrimination comes in so many different areas of human life. When we discriminate against one another, this create a great imbalance in nature as nature is all about, working in unison with one another. A separation from that is a rejection of another and their freedom to express, live and share freely with everything available to them at this time. The discriminators are also separating themselves from the laws of nature which is inclusion to all and they have purposely or unknowingly separated themselves from what it is to be human and one with nature.

To judge someone is also a discrimation as it is also a separation from the person involved. Although there might be good reason for this and there usually is but Karma is there to deal with any imbalance, without you the judger getting involved in anyway. This may be hard to get your head around this but Every wrong doing or imbalance is handled beautifully by Karma so no need to worry, judge or discriminate as that individual has chosen that Karmic route and you will have no influence on that whatsoever. In fact by discriminating or judging will only create your own karma and you too will have many lessons ahead of you to help you understand that all is being handled by something greater than yourself.

Ive seen many incidences where individuals have spent their whole life bitter and twisted by the actions or wrong deeds of another and not realising that the perpetrator is already being dealt with or being thought the error of there ways with the help of Karma. Know this, no one escapes Karma ever and the lessons will have to be worked out either in this life of the next. Knowing this, can relieve any victim from the consequences of another's past thoughts or actions. Although it might not seem like this from a distance, I assure you, any imbalances must be dealt with to regain balance throughout the entire universe.

Karma and the Law of Attraction

Another question that came to me was the relationship between the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction. Both work hand and hand with one teaching the lesson and the other awarding those who are being kind and loving. The Law of Attraction can be described as everything coming to you when you are in balance and the Law of Karma can be described as it safeguard for this who haven't reached this point yet. Karma is there to catch you when you fall in an attempt to guide you towards the Law of attraction so you can complete your purpose which is Love and understanding of all things.

When we are in a place of love, the law of attraction guides us to more understanding, more possibilities and further away from unbalanced thoughts and actions and Karma is no longer needed. by that time you will already know the true meaning of Karma and it will no longer apply to you as your thinking and actions will be for the greater good and you will be compassionate for those who have not yet understood the meaning of why they are here and their real purpose.

No one escaped this process as it is necessary to progress in our Spiritual Evolution. Some of you will notice more spiritually evolved individuals and also the ones that are on a more karmic path but we are heading in the same direction in the end so need to get stressed out by anyone. You will learn to disassociate from these individuals as they are on a different path than you and thats fine. Wish them well on passing, share your knowledge to those who ask and carry on with your own evolution regardless.

Moving On

I see many Spiritual Individuals trying to reach out to the many and getting dragged back into the world of Karma by those who have no wish to change or evolve. Some of you are evolving and you want others to do the same and to see what you see, so it is not easy seeing people being left behind. This is a sign that you are becoming more loving and compassionate so being around loving and compassion individuals as you emerge from the karmic state is important. Your information will reach those who are looking and the rest are simple on a different path as you. It is what it is in the great mystery of life.

As we move into a different way of living, you will see a clear picture of what is to live in the Karmic state and what it is to live in the balance state. The world is changing very quickly right before our eyes. The old ways are trying to hold onto old habits while the awakened want to move on into a different existence without restriction. Everywhere you look now has restrictions written all over it and thats the old trying to hang on to the ones that no longer want this old life. They want to be free and so they will as this is the natural way and in balance with everything in Creation. The old ways will be left behind as they have created great Karma and the more evolved will move on regardless. There is no stopping this as balance always wins and the unbalanced need to deal with created Karma over and over again till they move on in their own good time.

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