The Keys To Finding Happiness

The keys To Finding Happiness is a deep insight into what it means to be human and how this plays a critical role in the true meaning of Happiness.

There are countless books, Methods and advice on how to obtain happiness. Many of us spend our whole life trying to get there and wondering if there is even such a thing as being happy here in this world. There is so much information out there and it can be very confusing when looking for answers.

So many perceive happiness in so many different ways. The different combinations and methods on how we are supposed to obtain happiness are endless. It doesn't need to be that way. In fact, it can all be explained by understanding what it is to be Human.

3 Main Keys to finding Happiness

There are three main Keys to the explanation of who we are and what we are doing here at this time. Those three parts are not external in any way but internal and have been with us all this time. I speak about the Body, Mind and Spirit. Knowing how to use these three parts is all that is required to find happiness.

Many of us have no idea how to operate this incredible system and this has been the cause of so much difficulty in the world today. This difficulty lies within us all. This information has been lost and we are operating on a very small amount of our true potential. We have allowed influences and perceptions outside of ourselves to Influence us. We are a computer with a virus. The virus has taken over our thinking and we are not operating the way we were designed for.

To regain control we need to understand how our own operating system really works. This knowledge will help start the process of ridding ourselves of the false reality we have created for ourselves. Once this information starts to take hold, we will begin to see a clearer picture of who we are and how to live as a Human Being.

Body, Mind & Spirit.

So what does Body, Mind and Spirit mean when put together? These three parts are the makeup of a "Human Being". " Human " meaning the Body and Mind and " Being " means the Spirit.  All three, make up who we are.

So Who Are We Really?

We are a creation, entity, spirit, energy, a spark of life that is inhabiting a Human body to have an experience here on this earth !!

We are not the body but an essence of creation having an experience. To have a human experience we need to inhabit a Human body.  Deep down, We already know this. We ask ourselves every day that there must be more to this life.

We try to make sense of it all. This is the Light within us, the creative being that resides and prompting us to look further. This is part of our experience here. To awaken to who we really are. We will doubt and we will be in denial but eventually, we will see that there is much more and more than we can ever imagine.

The very fact that we exist is enough to suggest that we are a part of creation. We are a Creation and connected to all Creation intimately. It is our most natural state of being. We are a fibre of Creation and each fibre is experiencing all what creation is. We are no more significant than a Grain of Sand on the beach of less significant than the Planets, Galaxies and Universes combined.

We are all of them and they are us, A collective of the one Creation or Creator. We are simply an expression of what creation is.

The Creative Process.

In the vastness of the creative process, we are, at this present moment, Experiencing the " Human Experience ". It is but one of the experiences in the vastness of Creation. Everything created is experienced in its entirety and Creation then slips into the next stage of the ever evolutionary process.

We are simply moving along as creation does in its natural way of experiencing, evolving and knowing itself as creation.

Once we begin to get our heads around this, we feel a great weight being lifted. We realise that we are somebody, unique, a creator, a soul, an experiencer, a voyager, an explorer of everything we can imagine. We are all of these and so much more.

We have been around forever. We don't die but finish our experience and slip into other experiences for eternity. These experiences continue with no beginning or end as creation is always experiencing itself endlessly. This is who we are and all our loved ones past and present are the same.

They are never lost but just slipped naturally into another experience as we do. Nothing to worry about, all is well, all is still here and will be here for eternity.

If we can grasp a tiny piece of this information then something will begin to open up inside of us. We will start to feel at ease and everything we feared will seem to drift away. Once we realise that there is no end and that we are immortal, we will begin to see the potential in us. Our potential is endless. Having this knowledge is the key to our endless potential.

So What Now?

As this Resonates, you will start to see a very clear and interesting realisation beginning to take hold. A realisation of potential in a completely different way. You will want to know how to awaken this potential so you can find happiness here. This is where the ingredients of life here come in.

The ingredients work when the ingredients are known and also implemented in a certain way to get the required result.  A willingness to carry out each ingredient in a certain way is the key to the result. The willingness to the positive thought, the idea along with knowing the ingredients of how to create in this world. If the willingness is not there then things are not going to happen and our thoughts remain distant Dreams.

The effort is next as the action is needed and part of the creation process. Things don't just appear out of thin air. There is an effort behind every creation. Finally following a specific way of doing things. This specific way of doing things is the ingredients. Once you can commit to these then your chance of reaching happiness is guaranteed.

What Are The Ingredients?

We have the most sophisticated operating system on this planet at this time. There is nothing more ingenious walking on two feet than a human. We have the perfect body to operate here on earth. Our systems have been created to adapt to all environments on both inside and outside of our bodies.

The Soul purpose of a human here is to create whatever he or she wishes. We have been given the opportunity to use our Body, Mind and Spirit to create all that is possible in the human existence. So what does that mean? It means that anything Physical, Psychological and Spiritual can be explored in this experience.

Just imagine that for a minute? What are the possibilities here? They are endless and this is just the human experience. Our potential is limitless as we are eternal souls...

There are a few key things we need to understand. Body, Mind and Spirit are the ingredients and need to be understood fully to create correctly in this life.  All this can be misused and has been misused many times as Body, Mind and spirit is not fully understood. The World we live in today is a perfect example of this as we see Chaos everywhere. Most of us do not understand or use Body, Mind and Spirit correctly.

The Manipulated Mind.

Picture the Spirit as the spark of any Creation ( which it is ). Nothing gets created without this. Now picture an individual using his or her mind, body and spirit to do whatever he wants ( Good or Bad ). Whether he believes in a Spirit or Creation or anything of that sort, it doesn't matter. That energy is still there ( Good or Bad ).

What I am saying is, Things get created by our thoughts and actions whether we meant to create them or not. Most are ignorant of this and have no idea what the hell is going on. There are also Some people out there who know these ingredients very well and use this in a negative way, to manipulate others, away from this knowledge. It is extremely easy to manipulate or program others who are not aware of their true potential.

You see this every day in News, Politics, advertisements, world events, social media etc. All are designed to manipulate our way of thinking. We have been marketed too with so many ideas, perceptions and opinions that are not our own. We are being Bombarded and bombarded, over and over, again and again so ideas are embedded into our minds. Do you wonder why you are not happy? Your mind is not you own is the truthful answer.

The Choice.

Many are happy to live in this manipulated world and do not care to know anything else. They have no wish to leave that Manipulated world until they realise that something just isn't right. We all get this feeling at some stage. Some will take notice and many will continue on ignoring it. It's a feeling of dread that something is wrong.

They begin to question everything and become depressed, anxious and really don't know what is wrong with them. Truthfully, They become tired of this manipulated world and want change. The realisation to the fact that happiness doesn't exist in the false perception of the manipulated world.

They see it for what it is and start to look inside for answers,  seeing the chaos and want to separate from it. They are afraid of the separation as they are unsure of who they are and are confused. There is a feeling of loneliness, Isolation and avoiding people and places as everything just doesn't make sense anymore.

The Truth Is Emerging.

The truth is you are awakening to who you are. The blindfolds are coming off and you can now see all that has been hidden from you. Your next step is discovering who you really are. When you discover this all will be revealed and you will be free. You will know about happiness.

Real happiness and not the happiness from the manipulated world. This is not how to be Human. This is a false idea on how to be human but more and more are beginning to realise this. It is inevitable. Creation demands it and the experience of being a human must be realised. It is the natural order of things.

You are moving into this most important stage, into true perception. The truth that has been inside of you all this time and for countless times before now. All that is required, is the ingredients of what a Human being is and simply live the way a Human Being should. Once a human is living the way it should then happiness is the only result. It has to be as it's in its natural state of being.

How do I reach the Natural State of Being?

You start by accepting that you are more than just a body. That you are a speck of creation,  a spirit, a soul that is having an experience of what it is to be human. Once you start to accept this, you can begin the process of living in a natural state and finding happiness. As soon as you begin the process you will start to feel better and start taking back control over your own life.

My Beginning.

I remember beginning the process a few years ago. It wasn't easy breaking away from the so-called norm. It was frightening as I didn't know whether I would feel any different by making changes. Maybe I was deluding myself into thinking that real happiness was possible. I had no choice as I couldn't be in the chaos any longer.

The whole world seemed crazy to me and totally out of control. The more I watched it and was involved in it, the more depressed I became. Anything was better than feeling this way so I went all in I remember. It did take time but I was in no rush. I would take as much time that was required to discover any changes within me.

It was the best decision I ever made and has changed my entire life for the better. I now live by my own rules and do the things that I want to do. I couldn't be happier and have no intention of going anywhere near my old way of living. Once you get a taste of what life can really be like, Nothing else makes any sense. That's how it went for me anyway.

Anyone Can Do This

Anyone can do this and can start immediately. Who doesn't want to be a better version of themselves? It's what we all strive for. All you need are the tools, the ingredients, the directions. The rest is entirely up to you. You can either choose to do it or make excuses and not bother.

We are all given the same free will to decide how we chose to live our lives. If you want to change then you choose it and then take the measures to create that change. There is no magic formula but there is a map or ingredient of things to do, to get to where you need to go. It is up to you to get there. You are responsible for that. No one can get there only you.

You don't have to become a buddha or a guru. You just have to be aware of who you are and what you are here for. That's it.

You begin all of this by taking tiny steps within each of the three main ingredients. By having this careful approach into finding out who you are. you will actually enjoy the process. No rush rushing required here. You have eternity to get everything right as creation has eternity to wait for you.  Please keep this in mind when you feel frustrated or have doubts.

So here we go and many wishes and love to everyone one of you trying this for the first time. Do not be afraid but excited about the possible results of what you are about to do. I intend to write a book about this process in more detail but all you need for now is what is here in its simplest form.  If there is anything that you think I have missed or see something that may benefit you then please comment.


I recommend you start with this ingredient first. This is the easiest in my opinion and will prepare you for the other most advanced learnings  This is so simple that common sense is all that is required to keep the Human body in a healthy state  Most people do not understand the significance of how important it is to keep the body at its optimum level of health.

The Body, Mind and Spirit are all working together and maintaining the Body keeps it in perfect sync with the other two parts of the Human Being. They are all heavily relying on one another and with one out of sync, will knock them all out of sync. Everything needs to be working in sync for harmony to be created. Looking after the body is a great start to align the three.

A body simply needs Good food and water. Some will look at this and say " I already know this ". How many actually put good food and water into their bodies? Not enough, I would say. No need for diets but good healthy food.

If you eat the right foods and drink fresh water, your body will be strong and have few problems. If we already know this then start doing it. No excuses not to do this. All that required is to educate yourself on what is good for you and what is not.

Start small by cutting down on Sugar or meat, milk and butter. That's a good place to begin. No need to go all out and be Drastic. That rarely works. If you take two spoons of sugar in your tea, bring it down to one. A small cut of meat or less sweet things. Do it gradually.

You will be very surprised at how easy this process is and the changes you can make by making small changes on a regular basis. You will look back in a few months and be shocked at what you have changed in such a short space of time. When you take the pressure off, everything becomes much easier.

The body needs exercise and that's a fact. Go for a walk, go for a run, swim or anything you like to do. Get out into nature as much as you can as we are a part of nature. We are attached to this earth and being out in nature is the most natural thing one could do. Start with 5 or 10 minutes a day but start somewhere. I guarantee that you will be soon doing this every day and loving it.

Anyone can do this and without any stress. It doesn't matter how old you are or what condition you are in physically. You will begin to feel and look better in a very short time. You will also begin to think clearly which will be very helpful for the next step.

The secret is to be consistent. A little discipline is all that is required. If you have that you will see massive changes in your appearance and overall attitude.

Looking after that Body alone kickstarts massive changes within you. You are more positive and have lots more energy. Things will seem to be more attainable to you. You will know that if you can transform your body, you can possibly transform anything you set your mind too.

All of this achieved by a few little changes done consistently and regularly. You will start to think, why the hell haven't I done this already? Well, you are doing it now so don't worry. Many people never get to where you are now so you have achieved so much so far. Assuming that you have managed to achieve a healthy body or brought it to the best it can be we can now consider going a little deeper.

The next ingredient we will be looking at is the Mind. This is a tricky one but very manageable when understood. So let's have a look.


The mind is our communication system for the body but it is also the communication system for the Spirit. The Mind has an integral Job to do as it is the bridge between both worlds. It is the hard drive that carries all the responsibilities of operating the entire body.

It records an entire life since it was first created and stores all this in the Subconscious part of the mind.  That's a massive amount of information. That information is then mostly intellectualised by what we call Ego. That information it receives is critical in the early stages of development and is a major factor in determining our life in the future.

It does have a safety feature and some call this the intellect. This is the part of us that can determine or not what is acceptable. The intellect is the inner debate within us and has the ability to adjust the Ego's thinking. It is the control centre of the human mind but it is highly influenced by the ego's wants and needs and is easily manipulated.

Once it accepts the ego's needs and wants, it is then expressed in thought and action. That though, action or both enters and is expressed in the physical world. In the physical world, it is experienced and then recorded back in the subconscious mind.

I hope you can see what is going on here. It's like a vicious cycle of thinking and doing the same thing over and over again. Each time this happens it is reinforced by being recorded again and again in the subconscious.

This is where we develop negative habits, Thoughts, addictions and compulsions etc.  The feelings get stronger every time we do something on a regular basis. It's experienced and recorded over and over again till it's embedded in our subconscious so the ego can continue to satisfy itself.

This is the simplest way I can explain to you what is going on in the mind every day. It's enough for you to recognise that this can be changed. You will see a clear pattern of what is happening and where you need to focus on. That focus is on the intellect part of the mind.

You must teach it to question everything that is coming from the ego. If you have a bad habit, for example, Question that habit in every detail. If it doesn't sit right with you then ask yourself why you feel this way.

Many people don't question the ego enough and just allow their mind to do whatever it wants. This is a very bad idea. It's like allowing a child to do whatever it feels like without any consequence. We all know how that's going to turn out.

An example of retraining the mind, let's look at your new exercise routine. In the beginning, the ego will tell you that it is pointless to do this new exercise routine.  Your intellect will say " I would like to lose weight or get fit or I want to be out in nature ". That's enough of an argument to suggest to the ego that a new alternative may be better.

Ego Behaves like a child in so many ways, so you have to be very persuasive and committed to allowing ideas to sink in. once you start losing weight or feeling better as a result of exercising daily, for example, you will have began a process of influencing the Ego and have less resistance to change.

Your subconscious will be recording these new habits and the feelings associated with them. By continuing with your progress, the Ego will eventually be in agreement as this has been embedded in the subconscious now and the new habit is slowly accepted by the ego.

Make the process as enjoyable as you can. As I said, the ego is like a Child. If it doesn't enjoy, the toys will be fired out of the cot and you will have lots of resistance to change.

Thoughts Determine Your Whole Life.

Every thought and action determines your life. Remember this because if you do, you will be much more careful of what you think, say and do in the future. There is the real power behind every thought as it is directly connected to the creative process. You are part of Creation and you were created from thought, Universal Consciousness or the Source is of all Creation.

It can also be described as Universal thought. You are part of that thought so you too have the ability to create. You do that with your own thought first and then the physical action. We are experiencing everything in time here so everything slows down and takes time to create.

Each thought plants a seed of creation and the more emphasis on this thought will determine the creative outcome. This is a natural flow to create and many do not consider this.

The law of karma is vastly misunderstood. I like to call it the Universal flow of Creation. It is like a safeguard for us so we don't go too far off our intention to be here at this time. As we all know from experience, If we do something against the natural flow of creation it will nudge back into position for our own good.

You see this all the time. Someone does something negative and the same happens to them. This is not a punishment as many of us believe but teaching that individual the natural order of creation. Some will learn from this little nudge and some will continue on with this negative behaviour till they realise that it's wrong. The bigger the wrong the bigger the nudge.

If you understand this, You will begin to think more about what you are thinking about and adjust your thinking to a more positive way of thinking. You see this works both ways. When you are thinking more in line with the natural flow of creation, Life becomes much better and what you give out will come back to you. this is what people describe as " The law of attraction". This is a very natural state.

I do not like the word "law" as it implies some sort of a consequence if not obeyed. All you need to remember is the Natural flow of Creation. See it like a River flowing in one direction and simply flow with it and it will bring you to where you should be going. You may get stuck sometimes or try and go in the opposite direction but eventually, you will be brought with it.

Swim in the current and watch where it brings you. Don't be afraid as the flow of creation is eternal and all it asks that you just go with it and experience all it has to offer. It is simply creation experiencing itself and you are a part of the entire process beautifully intertwined and experiencing together.

So be aware of your thinking or saying something that you shouldn't be thinking or saying. Just stop for a second and rethink and make it positive. That way, you are beginning to train your mind to think the way you should and not the way the Ego has been programmed to think with all of life's distractions.

This takes practice and you will slip up many times but be aware of it and try again. By just doing this watch what happens. You will feel a lot better and don't know why. It's because your subconscious is now getting some more positive information than the same old rubbish it's used too.

You will start doing things a lot more different too. You will begin to work better and be a hell of a lot more positive. Remember you are a soul in a human body and now you are beginning to take charge of your mind. It's a very liberating feeling and one you can enjoy more with practice.

This method can be used for anything you wish. a better job, more money, confidence and whatever you want to change. Empower the intellect and only allow good thoughts and actions into your physical reality. This is all that's required and on a consistent basis. Try something small you need to change first. Something achievable. Give yourself plenty of time to do this.

Work towards that in small stages and allow your mind to absorb it. Stay positive and keep going no matter what the ego tells you. Any excuses you may have will be your ego talking and not you. The intellect doesn't make excuses. It just does things and has no fear as it knows that there is no fear in the spirit world only creation. In the creative world, everything is possible and is being created at this time.

This task you are wanting to create is achievable by just doing what you say you are going to do. The only thing in your way is the ego and now you know why. This is not a problem anymore.

The Law of attraction is based on this idea and you can now see clearly how this phenomenon is actually achieved. There is nothing impossible when it comes to creating. it is the most natural thing you could be doing. You are a creator living in a physical body that has the capability of creating anything in this physical world.

You think it, you plan the steps and then you do it. Those bumps will always come from the ego in many forms but you already know this now. It can be the human's Achilles heel or a training tool, It's up to you. It's there to challenge and make you the magnificent Creator you are. Once you know this, you will have no fear of anything but know that this is the way it is and it's all part of this physical experience.

It's what you are here for. To be challenged, To be the best of you, To create your heart's desires in every way and to be the best version of you in every way.

The final stage is the shortest one and the most important one. You don't need to be a guru or attend mass every day. It is simply acknowledging where we come from and be grateful for this wonderful experience.


There are many names to Spirit. Energy, Consciousness, Higher Self, Soul, God etc. It doesn't matter what you call it. All that matters is that you realise that you are more than just body. That there is a purpose to you and that you are eternal.

As I said before you would not be here if you weren't meant to be here. You are an essential part of creation having this experience at this time for the purpose of knowing yourself and experiencing that in every way possible. You are a part of the greater picture, The source, God, Universal Consciousness or whatever you want to call this.

Everything we experience through our senses was Created so we could experience everything that was meant to be experienced. There is a reason behind everything or else it wouldn't exist.

Existence itself would not exist if not for a specific reason and a purpose to exist. The acknowledgement of the magnificence of this is all that is required. The acknowledgement that there is something or someone behind this. The brain behind this, the great consciousness, the great thought behind it all.

The originator of this great plan that would allow us to experience all that he or she is, though our own experiences are the greatest gift of all. That you are forever grateful for this experience and that you will attempt to be the best you can be, knowing that you are always loved by God no matter the result.

Some Final Words. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have any question on any of this material please make a comment or send me an email. I would love your feedback on what your thoughts are on this.  Thank you all for taking the time to read. Why not read another article and Read some more about making changes in your life. He is one that may interest you. The Seven Laws of the universe.

Alternatively, you could begin your journey by listening to one of my Meditations. Deciding To Change 

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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