Freedom Design
Freedom Design

There is a natural flow to life and karma is a part of that flow

It is not meant to punish but keep everything balanced.

It is not a Law but a process.The process is "Do No wrong".

We are being tested at this time

The natural flow of life has being altered

The "Do No Wrong" has being misunderstood by many

The conscious and the unconscious to those misunderstandings must be balanced

.Judgement Creates Judgement upon the self

Anger Creates Anger on the self

To do harm Creates harm on the self Karma is Teaching the self to "Do No Harm".

Speaking the truth is the natural flow of life

Forgiveness, knowing that Karma is there to restore the natural flow of life

Defending the natural flow of life is the self, expressing itself naturally

Anything else is an imbalance and comes with Karma.

So as we Continue on in this present life

Watch Out for the Karmic signs at this time

Watch how Karma plays its part for those who are not in the natural flow of life

Speak your truth, Stay in that flow and pray for those who have yet to learn their Karmic lessons.

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Freedom Design
Freedom Design was Created in 2018 by Mike Kiernan. Mike Decided to make some Career Changes in 2016  after 30 years working in Various businesses. He underwent extensive Training in Spiritual Life Coaching and is now sharing his teachings with the General Public.  
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