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The Significance Of A Vision Board

The Significance of a Vision Board in many cases can be very misunderstood.  When people started to become aware of the law of attraction, The vision board became very popular but was used without knowing its true value.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of Pictures, Writings put together in a collage as a reminder of an intention or goal that a person wants to achieve.  The Vision Board is the intended result after a specific timeframe and the dream of that particular individual.

The problem with many people today, is they don't really understand how all this works. Some think that creating such a Vision board will miraculously result in all this coming true.  This ends in disappointment, total frustration and a complete waste of time.

Everything is thought

If you realize that everything is thought then you will begin to understand the Law of attraction, Law of Karma and any other laws you can think off. The simple fact is you are what you think and you attract those things that you think about. Thoughts have energy and whatever energy you are sending out is being returned to you. Changing your thought pattern changes your circumstances and eventually your entire life. It takes lots of practice but as you start seeing certain changes taking place, you will be encouraged to practice more.

The Vision Board is a reminder to you of what can be achieved when you put everything into practice. Read that sentence again. If you understand this then you will understand the significance of a Vision Board.  It's a Daily Reminder of the dream you have and seeing this has a profound effect on your thinking. That simple Vision Board shifts your thinking and urges you to strive for this in the most visual way.

You see the Vision Board is only one of the tools required when making major changes. Another one is the daily rituals. These are used to eventually nudge you into change and to learn new thought patterns. In the end it all about your thoughts. It begins and finishes with thoughts.

So how do you set up and vision board?

Find a quiet place and write all the wonderful things you would like in your life. Put as much information as you possibly can and write it from the heart. No good saying I want 10 million and all my troubles will be sorted. That's not the heart speaking, That's the Ego. Money and wealth will come but desire it from the heart. Like I would love a nice house so my family is comfortable and happy there. Or I would like to travel the world Because I really want to see new places.

I would like to meet the perfect partner that will love and understand me, will fulfil me and will always be there. Not A hunk or babe you fancy on the TV that really means nothing to you on a deeper level. Write from the heart and you will find what you really want.

When you have this ready then find pictures that resemble what you have written about. You may want to put a few phrases in there also. Remember that Vision Board is the life you want, so fill it carefully and with consideration. Over time you will begin to see a real picture appearing. You can add to it and you can also take something away if it's not what you want anymore. What we wanted from the start may not be what we want in 6 months time.

Don't be afraid to change it, if required. Finally, Put this vision Board in a place where you will see it every day. This is important. Have it close to your bed may be or on a wall when you wake up. This is your reminder of who you want to be and getting that reminder in the morning is a great start to the day.

Taking it a step further

This is the step where you bring all this to the next level and where many fall short. So you have your vision board on the wall and it is reminding you each day of the life you want. Is your life going to change? Yes. Are you going to be able to achieve all that is on this vision board? Yes, but you will have to plan, it's not just going to appear. This is where people stop and get frustrated.

Get the pen out again. Write down how long you want all this to happen and be realistic. Give yourself lots of time. Now figure out how much all this would cost and again, be reasonable.  Now divide this cost by the number of years you think you can achieve this.  Divide by 52 weeks of the year and then divide the days of the week and then 24 hours in the day. By doing this you will get a good idea of exactly how much per hour you would need to achieve this dream.

Example of a 10-year plan                  Calculations

  • House worth 300, 000 euros                                                               300,000
  • Nice car 20,000 euros times 2                                                               40,000
  • Yearly Holidays 10,000 euros times 10                                               100,000
  • Saving 20,000 euros times 10                                                               200,000
  • A career I love                                        Total Cost of Goal               640,000   Divided by 10 years
  • Loving relationship.                                                                                    64,000   Divided by  52 weeks
  • Fit and healthy.                                                                                                1,230   Divided by  7 Days
  • Loving life.                                                                                                             175    Divided by   24 Hours
  • Freedom                          Required Hourly rate to Achieve Goal              7.29 Per Hour

Now as you can see this is only an example but you will also see that this plan is very possible to achieve with careful planning. This is someone actually doing something toward what's on the vision board. They see it, believe it and are planning towards it. When they plan it and see that it's possible they start believing it. Belief is the next tool and the action behind that belief is what will make it happen.  That's the Significance of vision board.

I hope this was helpful to you. Please comment if you have any questions

Thank you for reading

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