How to write Intentions and Implement them

Daily Intentions, Rituals, and Accountability are the three keys to true desires. Getting these three keys working altogether at once can be very difficult in our daily life. The World is full of distractions and many of us get caught up in it. We are constantly being bombarded by all sorts of negative media and new technology every year. Along with that, we have our own issues to deal with and we can quickly become frustrated and lost.

We all have hopes and dreams and are constantly making plans to improve our lives and future. Many of those plans get lost for some reason or another and we are back where we started. I like to call it the " The Merry Go Round Of Life " Or the same thing happening over and over again.

The Reality Check

The truth is, we are all creatures of habit and some of those habits affect us in so many ways. We may go to bed late or we may eat too much, drink too much and the list goes on and on. Some of you will carry on with this throughout life without realizing why your life is not going the way it should. Some of you will know that change is necessary to alter your life. The problem is, are you willing to make those changes? This is a very big question to ask yourself.

If you are not willing then nothing is going to change. If you are willing then you have reached the very first step in the changing process. The willingness to change comes to us all at some certain point. It doesn't matter when it comes. What matters is what are you going to do about it? That's the willing I am talking about. The willingness to take action and see it through to the end. Not an easy task.

It takes a commitment to a particular goal you have in mind. It takes a slow and methodical step by step approach. Not easy to do that in such a fast-paced world we live in. We also have to deal with our old habits and attitudes that have prevented us up to now. We have a lifetime of them to manipulate.

Can someone change with all of these Blocks? They certainly can but knowing what's ahead is important and must be understood. if you except that there will be challenges and you are willing anyway, then something special is about to take place. These three steps are for you.

How to write Intentions


Intentions are the motivators that make you want to change. There are your heart's desires, your Dharma, Your most natural state and where you feel happiest and living an authentic life. They are the fuel that will keep you going and committed to your own development. Getting them right at the very beginning will determine the whole approach.

For many people, their list of intentions will mean having a big car, lots of money and a big house etc. Those intentions are of the mind and not of the heart. The heart would say " I want to be happy working in my perfect career and providing for my family". Your heart will tell you " I want to see the world and see different things " or " I want to earn enough to do all the things I've ever wanted to do in my life". Each one of those are what you might call an authentic intention. Head speaks of possessions and heart speaks of feelings of contentment. Be sure you listen to your heart. When you do, your intentions will feel more authentic and at a much Deeper level.

When you have your heart is the right place, write a letter about what this dream is like. Put as much detail into it as possible. Where you are living, What type of clothes you are wearing and what career you are in. Talk about any relationships with Family, Friends, and lovers. Make it as real as possible so you can feel it in your heart and soul. Take your time with your intentions. Dig deep and say what is truly in your heart. When you have it done, read it over and over till you are sure this is what you want. If you need to make changes then do so.

When you are totally happy, Take a long walk and contemplate your intentions and how excited you are to be moving towards your goal at last. Decide on a day you would like to start to plan for this. You have now completed your first step to how to write Intentions and Implement them towards you true desires.

Daily Rituals


Daily Rituals are the tiny steps you take towards your intentions. They are the seeds to the promised land and each one is the ingredient to your future success. This will be the reality check time, a time to assess where you are now and all the things that need to change.

It can be a time that you may feel a bit  overwhelmed at the work ahead but it doesn't need to be that way at all. Start very small with one of two daily rituals, to begin with. Remember you have a whole lot of changes to make so one or two slight alrerations at a time is enough.

You could have a ritual of clearing out the House. Like doing a chore each day to bring your home to a point where it's a beautiful place to live. Give yourself a time frame for this to happen. Don't be over-enthusiastic. Maybe 30 minutes a day. You could have a ritual of getting up earlier. A ritual of eating healthy, exercising for 30 minutes a day. You will know what it is you need to do first. Everyone is different.

You are probably asking yourself so why is all this necessary at first? You are training your mind to act differently and to do things differently. Also, You are changing old habits with new ones by doing these rituals first. By changing your surroundings and being more active with your own welfare, you are strengthening yourself for the future and moving closer to your goals.

Clearing the cobwebs so to speak and making way for all new things to emerge in your life. It doesn't take too long to get to this point. It can take as little as a few months. At this stage, you can introduce new rituals that are steps towards your overall intentions. You will start to understand that anything can be achieved by simply breaking down each intention into tiny little steps. By doing this, you are able to turn that intention into a realistic daily or weekly ritual towards your intended goal.

How to write Intentions and Implement them


Accountability is probably the most important part of how to write Intentions and Implement them. It is the guarantee you give yourself and to one other person that you will do everything that you promised to do. We all know that being sidetracked is the danger and we are experts at making excuses like having a bad time of it or lacking a level of motivation for no reason.

We will find every possible way to sabotage ourselves during this process and do this because the old way of doing things is very much still there. Your Ego knows everything about you since birth and is always lurking in the background to satisfy needs that you are not even aware of sometimes. The accountability you set up will leave no room for excuses as you have made a solemn promise to yourself and another. It is your security against yourself.

To make it more secure you make a promise that you will forfeit something if you do not carry out your agreed ritual. It can be money or a job that you hate to do. Make it something that you really don't want to forfeit. Choose your accountability partner wisely too. It could be a partner, family or your Mentor or Coach. Be sure its someone you respect and don't want to let down.

If you fail in your agreed ritual then do the decent thing and pay up what you agreed to forfeit. If you don't do this then you lose that respect of the person you promised too and have just sabotaged yourself. All this seems rather serious but if you are serious about changing then you have to get real. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.


Final Words On How to Write Intentions

Some final points to make. Make sure you celebrate your success at the end of each week so you feel a sense of gratitude for you recent achievement. Make a conscious decision to do this as this will strengthen your commitment and your deeper desire for the next week. Go out for dinner. Go to the cinema, buy yourself something nice or whatever action steps that make you happy. You are celebrating your achievements and if you use these three powerful techniques week after week, your chances for success will be tenfold.

Please Comment if you are thinking of trying this and have any questions.

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Michael is Spiritual Life & Business Coach based In Ireland. His Meditations are focused around helping people who are searching for ways for a more peaceful and harmonious Life.

He set up Freedom Design Coaching in 2018 and is very happy to be sharing his Healing Meditations to a wider audience.

If you are looking for any particular Meditation then please suggest one and he will Consider this for a future meditation.

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